Ahmednasir Calls Out Moses Kuria for Sporting Military-Inspired Attire in a Public Setting


Ahmednasir Calls Out Moses Kuria for Sporting Military-Inspired Attire in a Public Setting

Ahmednasir Abdullahi Criticizes Moses Kuria’s Attire at NYS Event

Constitutional lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi expressed his disapproval of Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s attire at the NYS reengineering program held at Ruaraka. Ahmednasir took to his social media account to voice his concerns about Kuria’s choice of clothing.

“I don’t like cabinet secretaries (Moses Kuria) living their childhood fantasies or trying to impress their village mates at taxpayer’s expense by dressing in jungle military regalia with their names and titles printed on it,” Ahmednasir posted.

Leadership Through Imitation: CSs Copying the President

In a separate post, Ahmednasir noted that many Cabinet Secretaries tend to imitate the President, even in minor functions.

“Leadership through imitation…you see your boss doing parades during national holidays…you rush somewhere and replicate it on a smaller scale…Parades are vogue in the president’s cabinet secretaries!” he claimed.

Ahmednasir called on President William Ruto to establish a strict dress code for Cabinet Secretaries, as he believed their obsession with military uniforms undermined the seriousness of their offices.

Moses Kuria’s Response

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Moses Kuria, seemingly unshaken by Ahmednasir’s criticism, declared that he would continue to wear his paramilitary regalia.

“Of all the issues we raised today about doing something for the youth of this country, all you picked was my uniform?” Kuria asked Ahmednasir, defending his choice of attire.

He also took a dig at Ahmednasir, suggesting that the lawyer had little understanding of village life and that he preferred the elite lifestyle of Karen Blixen.

Kuria’s Unique Attire on Utamaduni Day

On October 10, 2023, Moses Kuria made a distinct fashion statement by wearing a full Kikuyu regalia to mark Utamaduni Day at the Bomas of Kenya. During this event, he humorously claimed that this attire bestowed upon him the power to declare war, make peace, or marry as many wives as he wished, as per the Kikuyu constitution.

“The way you see me dressed like this means I have full powers to declare war or peace and even to marry many wives. This means I have been given those powers by the constitution of where I come from,” Kuria stated, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Kuria also emphasized the importance of embracing traditions as a means to address climate change and foster conservation efforts.

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In summary, the exchange between Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Moses Kuria revolves around the CS’s attire, with Ahmednasir criticizing the choice of clothing and Kuria defending his decision with humor and cultural significance.

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Ahmednasir Calls Out Moses Kuria for Sporting Military-Inspired Attire in a Public Setting



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