Ahmednasir Explains Why High Court Judge Whom Gachagua Wants Fired Is Clean


Ahmednasir Explains Why High Court Judge Whom Gachagua Wants Fired Is Clean

Outspoken attorney Ahmednasir Abdullahi has criticized Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for his efforts to oust Justice Esther Maina from her position, asserting that Gachagua’s plan poses a threat to Justice Maina’s untarnished record

On Monday, January 15, Ahmednasir released a statement characterizing Justice Esther Maina as a principled judge with an untarnished record in the judiciary.


Ahmednassir backs Justice Esther Maina 

The outspoken lawyer stated that despite having disagreements with Justice Maina on various occasions, he emphasized that she is a judge beyond reproach when it comes to allegations of corruption or incompetence. 

“Deputy President Gachagua is plainly wrong on this. Justice Maina is a principled judge who has a clean record from the magistracy to the High Court. I have strongly disagreed with her on the few occasions I appeared before her, and I told her in court that I found her too “pro-government.” But she isn’t a judge one can accuse of corruption or incompetence,” Ahmednasir said. 

Nevertheless, Ahmednasir acknowledged and appreciated Gachagua’s comments on corruption within the judiciary, asserting that they should serve as a wake-up call for Chief Justice Martha Koome. 

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“The sentiments expressed by DP Gachagua must, however, be appreciated in light of CJ Koome’s woeful inability to provide a road map to address corruption and incompetence in the judiciary. Koome must realise that burying her head in the sand won’t do it!”

Why Gachagua wants Justice Esther Maina dismissed 

As previously reported, Gachagua announced his intention to submit a petition to the Judiciary Service Commission against Justice Maina, accusing her of declaring his KSh 200 million as proceeds of crime. 

Gachagua expressed his plan to seek Maina’s removal from office based on allegations of gross misconduct and corruption. 

He revealed that he would file the petition before the commission led by Chief Justice Martha Koome on Thursday, January 18, at 2:15 pm

“On Thursday, this coming week at 2:15 pm, I will personally present a petition before Lady Chief Justice Martha Koome against Justice Esther Maina for her removal from the Judiciary for misconduct and corruption,” Gachagua said.

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 Ahmednasir Explains Why High Court Judge Whom Gachagua Wants Fired Is Clean



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