Alfred Keter Mocks Ruto’s Remarks that Kenya Won’t Be The Same in 10 Years


Alfred Keter Mocks Ruto’s Remarks that Kenya Won’t Be The Same in 10 Years

Ex-Nandi Hills Member of Parliament, Alfred Keter, has dismissed President William Ruto’s claim of revolutionizing the nation within a decade.

At the Kenya Diaspora Investment Conference (KDIC), Ruto asserted that Kenya would undergo a substantial transformation in the next 10 years, rendering it unrecognizable.

“I am very confident about Kenya and its future. Kenya is going to change; take it from me: 10 years from today, people will come to Kenya, and they will not recognise it. We would have transformed this country in a very fundamental way,” Ruto said on Wednesday, December 13.


The president emphasized that the deliberate and intentional transformation of the country requires concerted efforts from leaders, acknowledging that it is a challenging task.

“It is going to take difficult and smart decisions; I promise you, we are very well underway in making sure that we change our country,” he added.

Nevertheless, Keter sarcastically concurred with Ruto’s assertion that the country would undergo significant changes in the next decade.

He claimed that the president’s alleged mismanagement was accelerating the transformation at a rapid pace, suggesting that Kenya might potentially devolve into a failed state in less than ten years, according to Keter’s perspective.

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“You are 100 % right, we cannot even recognise it now. You are finishing it so fast; maybe we can get to a fail state in less than ten years!!” Keter wrote on X.

Keter, recognized for his outspoken criticism of Ruto, recently levied accusations against the Kenya Kwanza government, alleging its failure to address the nation’s economic struggles.

Unreserved in expressing his opinions, Keter asserted that tribalism had hindered the election of capable leaders in the country.

In his view, Ruto’s administration exacerbated the situation by implementing burdensome taxes and policies, making life more challenging for the populace.

“The problem in this country is tribalism; you want to have your own, and they don’t fix issues. Take it to the bank; come January, most students will not go to school because school fees have been hiked three times. Very few people will celebrate this Christmas,” Keter said.

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Alfred Keter Mocks Ruto’s Remarks that Kenya Won’t Be The Same in 10 Years

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