Arati to appear before Senators over development funds absorption


Arati to appear before Senators over development funds absorption

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka expressed concern about the purportedly inadequate utilisation of development funding by the Kisii County Government.

The Senate has scheduled a meeting with Governor Simba Arati to discuss the subject.

“Most likely he would soon come to the Senate to explain where the challenges are, what the issues are, and why he is not spending the money in the County Revenue Fund account,” Onyonka said.


“What is in there is public money that should be used to benefit the Kisii people ?”

According to the Senator’s statement in Kisii, the County Revenue Fund now holds a substantial amount of Sh3.7 billion that has not been utilised by the Arati government.

“This is public money for the Kisii people. I am going to follow it up to ensure the governor coordinates his teams to ensure a roll-in of projects, and there can be a rolling-in of payment for the projects so that the economy of Kisii can grow,” stated Onyonka.

Nevertheless, he expressed his readiness to personally meet with the Governor in order to clarify the insufficient utilisation of the development budget prior to his appearance before the Senate.

“It is unsettling for sure. Any time you realise that your recurrent expenditure is 10 and development expenditure 6 per cent, there is a problem,” Onyonka told journalists in Kisii during the launch of oversight groups.

The oversight team comprises individuals from all 47 Wards who will provide reports to the Senator’s office.

The Senator consistently asserted that he had chosen to interrogate Arati over the matter due to her novelty in her role as governor.

“Now that he has been in office for quite a while, I think it is important we begin engaging him,” he said.

“It is time people began working so that Kisii can be made great again.”

Regarding the impeachment of Deputy Governor Robert Monda, Onyonka expressed that if Monda pursued legal action, there could still be potential for a positive outcome in the future.

“I abstained from voting because there were so many underlying tensions and violence which must be resolved,” he told journalists.

Onyonka made these remarks shortly after County Governor Simba Arati expressed his indifference towards low rankings that placed him at the bottom of the development score.

He expressed optimism about the future and announced plans to implement significant development initiatives throughout the entire county.

“It doesn’t bother me much for now but soon we are going to emerge the best overall,” Arati told journalists last week.

The County politician stated that certain tasks have already commenced and will soon be seen in the broader range of initiatives undertaken by his administration to enhance the quality of life in the region.

However, some Kisii Ward Representatives criticised him for his response.

“It definitely worries and should bother any right-thinking resident that we are fairing this bad on the development index,” said Nyatieko Ward Rep Amos Mokaya.

As of December 2023, the County had only expended Sh151 million of the Sh3.7 billion allocated for development in 2022/23; this represents a mere 2.9 percent, according to a report recently published by the Controller of Budget.

Ward of Sameta Mokwerero However, Representative Sonye Ondari stated that Kisii was not as dire off as the Budget controller claimed.

“It is skewed and lacks facts. Otherwise, there is much going on that has not been reported,” he stated.

Lilian Gor, an additional candidate, expressed regret over the governor’s response concerning the low score.

” If it doesn’t bother him, it does to some of us and that is what brought us here to the assembly,” Gor told journalists.

Masimba MCA Bouse Mairura said:

“The roads were to be done by February but if you go round many are yet to be done,”, said Mairura.

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Arati to appear before Senators over development funds absorption



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