Audit Exposes Significant Financial Mismanagement in Kiambu County


Audit Exposes Significant Financial Mismanagement in Kiambu County

A recent audit in Kiambu County has brought to light significant financial irregularities amounting to billions of shillings, prompting concerns regarding the management of public funds within the jurisdiction.

The Auditor General’s office scrutinized the county’s financial status for the fiscal year 2022-2023, uncovering various financial discrepancies within the local administration, including instances of misappropriation, fraudulent activities, and financial mismanagement.

The audit, which thoroughly examined financial records, transactions, and expenditures, aimed to identify any discrepancies or lapses in accountability.


The report revealed irregularities involving billions of shillings, raising concerns about the county’s financial integrity.
The audit report highlights the unsupported expenditure on goods and services as a notable concern.

People Daily reviewed the audit report, which shows that the statements of receipts and payments show an expenditure of Sh 2,005,432,642 on goods and services.

This expenditure includes Sh114,144,855 and Sh71,201,900 allocated for domestic travel and subsistence and hospitality supplies and services, respectively.

However, these figures differ from the ledger amounts of Sh 114,068,855 and Sh 71,101,900, resulting in unreconciled variances of Sh 76,000 and Sh 100,000, respectively.

Of the total expenditure exceeding Sh 2 billion, Sh 50,640,448 and Sh 142,010,080 were allocated for printing, advertising, information supplies and services, and other operating expenses, respectively.

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Audit Exposes Significant Financial Mismanagement in Kiambu County



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