‘Azimio Is In Government, Was Bought Last Year’ – Ekuru Aukot Makes Damaging Claim


‘Azimio Is In Government, Was Bought Last Year’ – Ekuru Aukot Makes Damaging Claim

Ekuru Aukot, the leader of the Thirdway Alliance Kenya party, claims that the opposition in Kenya has been ineffective in fulfilling its role due to being allegedly influenced and influenced for a prolonged period by the ruling party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

According to Aukot, the opposition has essentially become intertwined with the government, deceiving the Kenyan public by making public declarations against the state while secretly collaborating with the ruling party.

Aukot contends that this purported compromise has resulted in the absence of a genuine opposition that could hold the government accountable.


“I don’t think we have opposition, we have a very compromised opposition. These people are in government in fact the so-called Azimio was bought by UDA a long time ago by UDA as early as February last year,” said Aukot while speaking to Citizen TV on Thursday.

The lawyer contended that a piece of evidence supporting the claim is the bipartisan discussions conducted at the Bomas of Kenya, culminating in the contentious National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report.

Aukot asserted that these talks inadequately tackled the crucial challenges confronting Kenyans, dismissing them as merely a deceptive attempt to present false hope to the Kenyan populace.

“One of the evidence is the bogus Bomas talks. That was just choreographed to manage the bases. The idea was for us to be able to work together we have to present to the nation something that looks plausible,” argued Aukot.

Titus Lotee, the Kacheliba MP who switched allegiance from the opposition to UDA, rebuffed Aukot’s assertions, emphasizing that all members who departed from the Azimio la Umoja coalition did so willingly.

Lotee argued that Azimio had failed to organize itself effectively, rendering it incapable of posing a significant challenge to the government.

“Azimio is dead. Look at all the other wings of the coalition they are all gone they were not bought they just looked at the unfortunate situation of the coalition,” said MP Lotee.

“I was not bought…I decided just like the other colleagues let us just go to the fortunate situation. It is not because we were bought it is because of the fact that Azimio was going to die and it is dead today. They do not read from the same page.

This development occurs amid rumored discord within the coalition, with the coalition’s leader, Raila Odinga, firmly stating their unwavering commitment to championing the cause of Kenya’s liberation.

“There is no danger that Azimio collapsing anytime soon, nobody has left Azimio it has remained intact apart from a few members of parliament who have decided to take a walk,” said Raila.

Several coalition principals, including Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and DAP-K leader Eugene Wamalwa, have indicated their interest in vying for the presidential seat in the upcoming 2027 General Election.

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‘Azimio Is In Government, Was Bought Last Year’ – Ekuru Aukot Makes Damaging Claim



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