Babu Owino reacts to Senegal electing 44-year-old Bassirou Faye as President


Babu Owino reacts to Senegal electing 44-year-old Bassirou Faye as President

Babu Owino, a member of parliament for Embakasi East, is sanguine about the political future of Kenya, where he anticipates a youthful president.

Owino, in a statement published on his X media platform, cited Senegal’s selection of a president at the age of 44, Bassirou Faye, as a model that Kenya might consider adopting.

“Senegal has shown us that it’s possible by electing a youthful person as President Diomaye Faye, next is Kenya. We will be there no matter what,” Owino stated.


Faye, Africa’s youngest president

Faye is on the verge of becoming the youngest democratically elected president in the history of Africa.

Preliminary assessments suggest that Faye has established a substantial advantage over his adversary, Ba.

Notwithstanding a brief period of incarceration that occurred only ten days prior to the election, Faye ran on a platform that pledged significant reforms.

It is expected that the official election results will be declared in the coming days, subsequent to a vote that was initially slated for the preceding month.

The election takes place subsequent to a phase of political turmoil in Senegal, a politically stable country in Africa, which was instigated by the effort of departing President Macky Sall to postpone the election until December.

Several of the remaining fifteen candidates have already acknowledged Faye’s victory.

President Sall has personally congratulated Faye, declaring his triumph an accomplishment for the entire Senegalese populace.

Months in Prison

Prior to the presidential elections by one week, Faye was incarcerated.

Following a prolonged incarceration period exceeding eleven months due to a Facebook post deemed subversive by the authorities, Faye has emerged from a political prisoner status and is now vying for the presidency of Senegal, where he pledges to enact substantial reforms for the country.

His entry into Senegalese politics occurred in close proximity to his release from incarceration, where he ran alongside his mentor Ousmane Sonko, who was ineligible to compete in the election on account of a defamation conviction.

Since casting his ballot, Faye has remained silent, having gained the majority of his support through Sonko’s endorsement.

Former tax inspectors Faye and Sonko banded together under the slogan “Diomaye is Sonko,” pledging to oppose corruption and place the nation’s economic well-being as their foremost concern.

A peaceful transition of power in Senegal would represent a constructive stride towards democracy in West Africa, an area that has experienced a succession of military coups since the year 2020.

Certain military administrations in adjacent nations have abandoned traditional allies such as France and the United States in favour of Russia, seeking assistance in their struggle against indigenous armed factions.

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Babu Owino reacts to Senegal electing 44-year-old Bassirou Faye as President



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