Biden Acts Quickly After Congress Blocks Haiti Mission Kenya Funding


Biden Acts Quickly After Congress Blocks Haiti Mission Kenya Funding

The US government stated on Saturday that it would begin charter flights for American people stuck in Haiti.

This came just a day after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives questioned President Joe Biden’s administration’s choice to send Ksh28 billion to Kenya for the Haiti mission.

With the funding facing hurdles, Biden’s government is now looking to evacuate all of its citizens from Haiti, a week after evacuating non-essential workers from its embassy.


After Haiti’s main airport in Port-au-Prince was taken over by gangs, the US chose to utilise the lesser-known airfield in Cap-Haïtienhas.

“We are arranging a charter flight for U.S. citizens from Cap-Haitien to the United States, assuming the security situation in Cap-Haitien remains stable,” the US government updated its citizens.

Only US nationals holding valid passports were allowed to board the charter flights.

“U.S. citizens who choose to depart using U.S. government-coordinated flights must sign a promissory note agreeing to reimburse the U.S. government for the cost of the flight,” the statement read further.

On Thursday, March 14, it was announced that Kenya was sending a reconnaissance team to Haiti before deploying 1,000 police personnel to the conflict-torn Caribbean country.

The US Embassy in Haiti, in its own judgement, stated that the situation was unpredictable and dangerous.

Even with highly trained marines defending US government officials in Haiti, the world’s superpower acknowledged that it could not ensure the protection of its nationals.

President William Ruto has declared that, despite the dire situation in Haiti, Kenya will not abandon the people.

Despite the fact that US money has been delayed, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered to contribute Ksh8.2 billion to the project.

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Biden Acts Quickly After Congress Blocks Haiti Mission Kenya Funding



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