Blow for Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza as Defectors Join ODM


Blow for Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza as Defectors Join ODM

UDM, an affiliate of the governing Kenya Kwanza Alliance, suffered a serious loss in Ugunja Constituency, Siaya County, when some of its members defected from the party.

On Saturday, April 6, the members announced their intention to join the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), the major political organization in the area.

Jacob Odhiambo Odipo and Henry Oluoch, the defectors’ leaders, indicated at the ODM Party headquarters in Sidindi town that they were driven to leave the governing coalition because of unmet promises.


They voiced their dissatisfaction with senior party leaders, criticizing their habit of giving great speeches but failing to follow through on their promises, which made it impossible for them to engage with the grassroots public.

During the event, Sylvester Owino, the Youth Leader of ODM in Ugunja Constituency, underlined the branch’s commitment to regaining people who had left the party for a variety of reasons in advance of the next party elections.

He said that the Ugunja ODM chapter had successfully recruited 2,000 new members, raising the party’s total membership to 32,800.

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Jerim Okoth, chairman of the Ugunja ODM chapter, warmly invited all Kenyans to join ODM.

This change in loyalty implies a substantial political realignment in the area, with ODM strengthening its dominance and UDM losing support.

As the nation prepares for future elections, such movements may have far-reaching consequences for the political environment.

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Blow for Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza as Defectors Join ODM



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