Boni Khalwale Wants Extortion Details Involving Governor Fernandes Barasa Made Public


Boni Khalwale Wants Extortion Details Involving Governor Fernandes Barasa Made Public

Kakamega lawmaker Boni Khalwale has demanded that the investigators probing into the KSh 240 million extortion allegation involving Governor Fernandes Barasa make their findings public.

This comes after a 35-year-old man was detained and accused with extorting KSh 240 million from Barasa, prompting police to arrest Kenya Water Towers Agency chairman Rashid Echesa.

Speaking over the weekend at Karen Hospital, where Echesa, who had been held by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), was being treated, Khalwale urged authorities to look into accusations that a witchdoctor involved to the extortion case was almost murdered.


He said that the case involved large quantities of money, and that investigators and the prosecution should assist the public understand how the extortion occurred.

Khalwale made the statements on Saturday, March 30, while accompanied by Matungu MP Oscar Nabulindo and Echesa’s lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta.

“This matter follows the circulation of material linking a governor to an extortion ring, in which also a withchdoctor was mentioned. There is a man who was arrested over witchcraft claims. We want the details of the witchcraft made public also to enable the public to understand where the problem is,” Khalwale said.

Omari went on to allege that the president’s office and his deputy had to intercede to get Echesa to the hospital.

Together with Ombeta, the lawyers accused the DCI of holding Echesa incommunicado and refusing them access to him when he was transported to Muthaiga police station.

“I want to use this opportunity to thank the president and the deputy president because the police completely refused to take Echesa to the hospital. Let it be on record that the police disregarded medical reports we presented to have Echesa allowed to go to the hospital,” Omari said.

He said that the president and his deputy were not involved in the situation and had merely asked investigators to guarantee Echesa was treated if there was medical evidence that he was ill.

Echesa, a former Sports Cabinet Secretary during Uhuru Kenyatta’s rule, was detained for three days before being released to a hospital.

His lawyers and Khalwale stated that while in police detention, the politician started to bleed excessively, forcing them to seek assistance from any source they could find to help Echesa be healed.

“As we await to hear Echesa’s story, we as leaders of Kakamega will ensure that he is not dragged into a matter that he knows nothing about or could only be a victim,” the senator said.

The guy accused of extorting Barasa for KSh 240 million disputed the charges and was given a KSh 2 million bail with the same surety amount.

Details regarding how the individual extorted Barasa with threats are few. The prosecution expects to present four witnesses.

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Boni Khalwale Wants Extortion Details Involving Governor Fernandes Barasa Made Public



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