‘Carry your own cross!’ Maryanne Kitany Rebukes CS Linturi in Fake Fertiliser Scandal


‘Carry your own cross!’ Maryanne Kitany Rebukes CS Linturi in Fake Fertiliser Scandal

Aldai Member of Parliament (MP) Maryanne Kitany has urged Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi to shoulder the responsibility alone for the fake subsidised fertiliser issue without implicating other leaders.

She emphasized this stance during a thanksgiving ceremony in Chepkunyuk, Nandi County, echoing the need for accountability within the Agriculture Ministry.

Seriousness of the Issue

Kitany underscored the seriousness of the matter, stressing the urgency for the Agriculture CS and ministry officials to address the distribution of counterfeit fertiliser promptly.

“This issue of distribution of fake fertiliser is serious. Those in the ministry should come out clear and stop the blame games. Someone must carry his cross alone,” Kitany stated unequivocally.


Concerns Amid Planting Season

As farmers endeavor to plant maize seedlings amidst the fake fertiliser saga, Kitany’s call for accountability gains significance. Farmers’ preparations for the planting season shouldn’t be marred by the distribution of substandard inputs, she emphasized.

Call for Government Accountability

Kitany called for the government to hold senior officials accountable for the scandal instead of deflecting blame onto other leaders.

“A senior official should take the responsibility. We shouldn’t be shifting the blame to tarnish other innocent leaders’ names,” she asserted.

Support from Colleagues

Nandi Hills MP Bernard Kitur echoed Kitany’s concerns, expressing dismay over the situation in the Ministry of Agriculture. He emphasized the need for officials to provide clarity on the circumstances leading to the distribution of fake fertilisers.

Ongoing Investigations

The suspension of eight officials at the Kenya Bureau of Standards over the fake fertiliser issue underscores the gravity of the situation.

Investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Parliament aim to unravel the complexities surrounding the scandal.

The interdiction of these officials is a step towards ensuring accountability in the certification process, critical in safeguarding agricultural inputs’ quality.

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‘Carry your own cross!’ Maryanne Kitany Rebukes CS Linturi in Fake Fertiliser Scandal



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