Catholic Bishops Condemn Ruto’s Merciless Treatment of Hustlers


Catholic Bishops Condemn Ruto’s Merciless Treatment of Hustlers

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has expressed concern that the high level of taxation in the country is adversely affecting the mental well-being of Kenyans.

The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Philip Anyolo, speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, April 11, conveyed that over-taxation has resulted in mental distress.

According to KCCB, ordinary Kenyans are grappling with a variety of challenges stemming from financial constraints.


Anyolo noted that the cost of living has sharply risen over the past three years, exacerbating the situation for many individuals.

He emphasized the church’s solidarity with those facing difficulties in providing for their families, sending their children to school, and covering medical expenses.

The Archbishop highlighted the issue of youth unemployment, which has become increasingly prevalent, noting that it is imperative for the government to ensure that every Kenyan can meet their basic needs.

He underscored, “Unemployment is also at its height. Furthermore, corruption in our service systems continues to heavily burden us.

The issue of overtaxation is therefore to be understood within this context. What must we do to support the suffering Kenyans? It must be our aim as a nation to make ordinary Kenyans at least meet their basic needs.”

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Previously, the bishops had criticized the policies of President William Ruto’s government, asserting that they disproportionately burdened the poor and vulnerable segments of society. They lamented that the ever-increasing and unbearable cost of living was causing Kenyans to lose faith and hope in their country.

In summary, the KCCB’s concerns revolve around the detrimental effects of overtaxation and economic hardship on the mental health and well-being of Kenyans, particularly the marginalized and impoverished populations.

They call for concerted efforts to alleviate the burden on ordinary citizens and restore hope for a better future.

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Catholic Bishops Condemn Ruto’s Merciless Treatment of Hustlers



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