Chavakali Boys students involved in accident, one dies


Chavakali Boys students involved in accident, one dies

An Easy Coach bus transporting students from Chavakali Boys High School to Nairobi has been involved in an accident on the Kisumu-Kakamega Highway.

The collision occurred on Monday, April 1, in the evening at the Coptic Church roundabout near Mamboleo in Kisumu.

A student at the site said that they had closed school and had boarded a bus bound for Nairobi.


Videos from the incident show a mob swarming about, attempting to extricate those inside from the upturned bus.

Residents at the area are concerned that some of the students may have died, but they remain optimistic as rescue attempts continue.

There is also increasing concern that the car may catch fire as it continues to spew gasoline while people attempt to collect the trainees.

The bus operator verified the occurrence and promised to provide a full explanation.

According to a Kondele Police Station report, the bus driver was not discovered on the spot.

“It happened that the vehicle was negotiating the said Coptic round about on its way Kisumu general direction from Kakamega when the driver lost control hit a rail guard and the vehicle fell down at the edge of the road and rested on its left side,” the police report details on the accident.

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Chavakali Boys students involved in accident, one dies



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