Church Rebukes Ruto for Dismissing Doctors’ Salary Concerns


Church Rebukes Ruto for Dismissing Doctors’ Salary Concerns

The church has urged the government to find a solution to end the continuing doctors’ strike, which has halted hospital operations.

Bishop John Mpurkoi of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) congregation in Narok County told the press on Sunday, April 7, 2024, that the protracted strike is hurting more Kenyans and the medical sector.

He added that the subject should be addressed immediately and that the government should act to fix the issue peacefully rather than participating in a sideshow with the doctors.


Mpurkoi also requested doctors to commit to meet with the necessary authorities to discuss how to address their concerns and restore normality in the health sector.

“Naomba sasa viongozi wetu wa Kenya kuanzia mabunge mpaka kila mmoja tueze kueka vichwa zetu pamoja na tuone kwamba tumeshugukulia jambo la afya kwa haraka iwezekanavyo. Hatujawai kuskia viongozi kama wabunge wakikua na shida ya mshahara na nyinyi ndio mnapitisha vitu nyingi katika hii nchi yetu ya Kenya na inafaa sasa kila mmoja wetu tueze kushugulikia jambo hili kwa uwezekanavyo,

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“Tunaomba ya kwamba suluhisho litatokea na ninaomba madaktari mkubali kuketi chini kwa sababu wale ambao wanaumia ni mandugu zetu na madada, wazazi wetu, na vile vile serikali pia wachukue hio jambo kwa uzito zaidi wahakikishe kwamba wamesuluhisha jambo hili na madaktari wamepata haki yao kwa haraka zaidi,” he said.

Loosely translates to;

“I am asking all our leaders to come together and see to it that we rectify the issues ailing the health sector as soon as possible. We have never heard leaders complain about their salaries. Since you are the same people who pass laws, you should take up the matter and resolve the issues raised by doctors as fast as you can.

“We are asking that the government finds a solution and ask the doctors to agree to discuss with the leaders because those affected are our brothers, sisters and parents, in the same breathe, we reiterate that the government should take up the matter with the seriousness it deserves and ensure that our doctors get justice as quick as possible.”

Ruto’s response to doctors

Earlier, President William Ruto declared that the government would be unable to meet the physicians’ requests.

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Ruto, speaking at a church service at Eldore AIC Fellowship Church yesterday, said that the government is unable to fulfill the doctors’ financial requests.

The Head of State contended that the government was already overpaying on wages, emphasizing that the country should live within its means.

“It is important for us to agree that we must live within our means. We cannot continue to spend the money we do not have,” the president said.

“Our wage bill is 47 per cent of our revenue. It should be 35 per cent according to the law. So we are way above. We need a conversation so that those of us who earn salaries are responsible. And we can reduce our wage bill so that we can free more resources to create jobs for our young people,” he added.

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Church Rebukes Ruto for Dismissing Doctors’ Salary Concerns



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