Court rules if Keroka boundary is in Kisii or Nyamira County


Court rules if Keroka boundary is in Kisii or Nyamira County

The Environment and Land Court has settled a prolonged boundary disagreement concerning Keroka town, determining that the predominant section of the town falls under the jurisdiction of Nyamira County.

This ruling concludes years of conflict between Kisii and Nyamira counties regarding the territorial limits of Keroka town, tracing back to 2015.

The contention revolved around the Kisii-Keroka-Sotik main Highway, traditionally serving as the dividing line, effectively splitting the town between the two counties.


The resolution of the dispute began with a petition filed in the lands court by Rigoma Ward MCA Nyambega Gisesa in April of last year, seeking clarification on the boundary and holding the National Lands Commission (NLC) and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) accountable for inaccurately demarcating the boundary.

Justice Mugo Kamau, delivering the verdict at the Nyamira Law Courts, stressed the importance of clarity and adherence to delineated boundaries. He referenced reports from a multi-agency team, including surveyors, IEBC representatives, and the NLC, which identified boundary markers and established the true boundaries between the two counties.

As per the reports, Nyamira County’s boundary extends from Masaba North Sub-county Hospital, passing through Gucha Maternity Hospital, and extending towards Gusii Farmers Union before meeting the Kisii-Keroka-Sotik Highway at Bw’Ondabu area.

Justice Kamau’s judgment validates these demarcated boundaries as the official reference for both counties concerning revenue collection and administrative jurisdiction over Keroka town. He urged county officials to adhere to the new demarcations and implement a collaborative revenue collection plan based on the delineated boundaries.

Additionally, Justice Kamau called upon the governors of both counties to collaborate in providing essential services to the community, underlining the significance of unity and cooperation in promoting development and peace.

The court’s decision signifies a significant milestone in resolving the enduring dispute and establishes a clear framework for governance and administration in the area.

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Court rules if Keroka boundary is in Kisii or Nyamira County



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