Day Mudavadi Was Arrested, Detained for Weeks, and Interrogated by GSU


Day Mudavadi Was Arrested, Detained for Weeks, and Interrogated by GSU

Musalia Mudavadi, Prime Cabinet Secretary, was a significant individual who felt the effects of the nation’s 1982 coup attempt.

The UoN was threatened with a permanent shutdown after the attempted coup. Afterwards, the notorious Special Branch police force was formed by the late former president Daniel Moi to clamp down on those accused of instigating the coup.

Reports state that following the University of Nairobi’s shutdown, officials ordered students to return home and mandated weekly reports to their respective chiefs.


Mudavadi, who lived in Mululu, Vihiga County, was apprehended by the Special Branch around this time. The fact that his father, Mudamba Mudavadi, was a minister during that period is very intriguing.

Officers from the General Service Unit (GSU) detained and interrogated him after transferring him to other stations in the Western and Rift Valley areas. Eventually, he was taken to Nairobi.

According to Mudavadi, who spoke with Debunk Media, his transfers were as follows: first to Kakamega from Mululu, then to Webuye, then to Nakuru Railway Police Station, and lastly to the General Service Unit headquarters in Nairobi.

They interrogated him for weeks there to determine his role in the coup plan.

He was taken into custody with other students who were believed to have been involved in the coup, such as Senior Counsel Philip Murgor, Oduor Ongwen, Richard Onyonka of Kisii, and David Murathe of Gatanga, among many others.

Following his release from interrogation, Mudavadi went back to school the following year and graduated in 1984.

After finishing college, he worked for the National Housing Corporation for a while before moving on to private industry. After his father passed away in 1989, he decided to pursue a career in politics.

Since then, Mudavadi has been actively involved in politics, rising through the ranks to hold impressive positions such as vice president in 2002, deputy prime minister in the grand coalition government, and premier cabinet secretary in President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration.

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Day Mudavadi Was Arrested, Detained for Weeks, and Interrogated by GSU



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