Dedan Kimathi University Students Body Reject Ksh.180 Share of Ruto’s Ksh.1M Donation


Dedan Kimathi University Students Body Reject Ksh.180 Share of Ruto’s Ksh.1M Donation

The decision to split Ksh.1 million donated by President William Ruto equally among all undergraduate students present this semester has been met with strong opposition from the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Student Organization (DeKUTSO).

DeKUTSO, the student leaders’ body, has distanced itself from the institution administration’s decision, stating that it was made without their input.

Nicholas Ngetich, the Secretary General of DeKUTSO, emphasized their disagreement with the decision, labeling it as an act undermining the students’ leadership body.


On Tuesday, a memo from the Directorate of Students’ Welfare announced the allocation, with each student set to receive an equal share of Ksh.180 from the Head of State’s Ksh.1 million gift.

Esther Nthiga, the Director of Student Affairs, stated that the university arrived at this decision after conducting public participation among the students through a Google form.

According to Nthiga, 51% of the students supported equal distribution, while 36.5% preferred a luncheon, and 35.5% favored directing the money to the students’ bursary.

In light of the public participation outcome, it was decided that every undergraduate student during the January-April 2024 semester, including those on internal attachment, would receive Ksh.180.

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Class representatives were instructed to inform their peers to collect the money from the Directorate office between Friday 9 and Friday 19.

Any remaining funds after this period would be channeled to the students’ bursary.

DeKUTSO’s stance underscores a divide between the student body and the administration regarding the allocation of the donated funds.

Despite the decision being based on public opinion gathered through the Google form, the student leadership feels marginalized, emphasizing the importance of their involvement in such matters.

The situation highlights the complexities of decision-making within university settings and the significance of effective communication and collaboration between student representatives and the administration.

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Dedan Kimathi University Students Body Reject Ksh.180 Share of Ruto’s Ksh.1M Donation



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