Details of Ruto’s Closed-Door Meeting With Clergy After New Tax Policy


Details of Ruto’s Closed-Door Meeting With Clergy After New Tax Policy

President William Ruto convened a meeting with the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) at State House in Nairobi on Friday, April 12, to address pressing concerns raised by the clergy during their press conference on April 11.

During the session, the head of state commended the clergy for their support in the government’s development agenda, particularly in the health and education sectors.

President Ruto pledged to collaborate with religious leaders to enhance the country’s governance. “The church is a valuable partner in our development agenda. We appreciate their input in the health and education sectors and look forward to working together to strengthen our country’s governance,” the president affirmed.


The meeting followed a day after the bishops voiced various concerns, urging swift action from the government.

Among the issues highlighted by the KCCB was the substantial increase in permit charges for missionaries, purportedly raised from Ksh15,000 to Ksh150,000. In a press briefing in Karen, Nairobi, the bishops appealed to the government to reconsider this levy and abolish it.

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“We as a country should show gratitude and appreciation. Granting waivers to priests, religious men and women, and other social missionary volunteers would complement our social engagement,” a statement from the KCCB read.

The bishops also called for a prompt resolution to the ongoing doctors’ strike, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing patients’ welfare.

“We urge the government and the doctors to seek a working arrangement that does not jeopardize patients’ lives, ensuring no lives are lost,” the bishops stated. Additionally, the clergy raised concerns about the government’s repayment of the Ksh2 billion debt owed to Catholic-led hospitals.

Overall, President Ruto’s meeting with the KCCB aimed to address the concerns raised by the Catholic Bishops, emphasizing collaboration between the government and religious institutions to advance the nation’s development agenda and ensure the well-being of its citizens.

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Details of Ruto’s Closed-Door Meeting With Clergy After New Tax Policy



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