DP Gachagua banishes talk of fallout with Ruto


DP Gachagua banishes talk of fallout with Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua rejected the notion of a division between himself and President William Ruto, admonishing Mt Kenya politicians who are covertly aiming to establish a regional leader

. His comments respond to suggestions that his efforts to foster unity in Mt Kenya stem from a desire to assume the role of a regional leader.

At a church service in Kiambu on Sunday, Gachagua explicitly stated that he has no aspirations for the position of a regional leader.

“I do not have time for that kingpinship nonsense, I don’t have that time because I am very busy. I’m too busy. I chair Cabinet committees on behalf of the President. Every week I have meetings for seven hours with the Cabinet,” he said.

“That debate should come to an end, let those who want to get that position to continue battling. The rest of us will sit with the President and help him achieve his agenda.”

Gachagua emphasized that the Constitution does not contain any provision for a designated “kingpin” position.

“This kingpin position, where is the office located, how much is the salary? If there are people who want that office, I’m not part of it because I am the Deputy President. My office is located in Harambee House and Karen. There is a salary and a job to do.”

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The Deputy President clarified that his call for unity in the Mt Kenya region was not to gather support for himself but to rally behind President Ruto.

“When Mt Kenya region is strong behind Ruto, we have better leverage in his administration,” he said.

Leaders from the Mt Kenya region are reportedly vying for the leadership position previously held by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a previous interview, ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga mentioned that there are expectations for Uhuru to pass on the political leadership by December.

“We are talking to Uhuru as we speak, the date and time of the event will be announced soon. By the end of the year, mambo yatakuwa sawa (things will be okay),” he said.

Njenga, who’s one of the leaders behind the unity bid, added, “We want everybody to come, as long as they are from the Mountain.”

During Sunday’s address, Gachagua emphasized that there was no tension or misunderstanding between himself and Ruto. He attributed the creation of false tension between them to the media.

Additionally, Gachagua suggested that the media had previously fabricated a divide between himself and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

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“A lot has been said between me and my boss William Ruto but I can assure you that what has been said isn’t true but media creation,” Gachagua said.

Last week, rumors about a rift between Ruto and Gachagua intensified when King Charles III and Queen Camilla visited. Gachagua’s absence during the King’s visit fueled speculation, particularly as opposition leader Raila Odinga was present at a state banquet at State House, seen interacting cordially with Ruto and the King.

Gachagua, known for his criticism of Raila Odinga and accusing him of conspiring to destabilize the Kenya Kwanza government, was notably absent during these events.

Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa maintained that the Kenya Kwanza administration remains unified, emphasizing that they are working cohesively. He affirmed the government’s commitment to their electoral promises and serving the nation.

“We are speaking in one voice and there is nothing like division and we are committed to serving our people “he said.

In a recent development, the national chairman of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, Wachira Kiago, officially endorsed Gachagua, acknowledging his pivotal role in unifying the people of Mt Kenya.

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Kiago highlighted Gachagua’s status as the most senior and actively engaged politician, viewing him as a key figure in achieving unity within the region.

“Gachagua should rally the community towards one goal of unity and we really support it,” Wachira said.

Additionally, Wachira Kiago endorsed the reconciliation or agreement between Gachagua and Uhuru, referring to them as senior politicians. He encouraged the community to throw their weight behind the initiatives put forward by these prominent figures.

During this endorsement, other leaders who were present alongside Gachagua included MPs Kimani Ichung’wah (Kikuyu), Ann Wamuratha (Kiambu Woman Rep), Njuguna Wanjiku (Kiambaa), Mary Waithira (Maragua), Eric Wamumbi (Mathira), and several others.

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DP Gachagua banishes talk of fallout with Ruto



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