DP Gachagua, Ndindi Nyoro mend fences, pledge to keep Mt Kenya united


DP Gachagua, Ndindi Nyoro mend fences, pledge to keep Mt Kenya united

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and his political adversary from the Mt Kenya region, Ndindi Nyoro, demonstrated a sense of political unity on Saturday as they advocated for the cohesion of their influential voting bloc.

Their previously tense rivalry, which had stirred political tensions within the Kenya Kwanza movement and risked dividing it, seemed to ease when they convened for a fundraising event in Kigumo, Murang’a County.

During the event, Gachagua and Nyoro exchanged friendly gestures, reassuring their respective supporters. Speakers emphasized the importance of unity and backing President Ruto’s government.


Mr. Gachagua dismissed the succession discussion involving himself and the Kiharu MP as immature, instead highlighting his extensive experience in various government administrations.

In a direct criticism of his opponents, Mr. Gachagua asserted his political seniority, citing his involvement with former Presidents Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki, and Uhuru Kenyatta. He urged for an end to the debate.

The debate was ignited by MPs allied with Mr. Nyoro, advocating for Gachagua’s replacement as Dr. Ruto’s running mate in the 2027 elections, with the Kiharu MP being suggested as the most suitable replacement.

However, during the Saturday event, the Deputy President, who has been actively working to solidify Kenya Kwanza support in the Mt Kenya region and establish himself as its political leader following Mr. Kenyatta’s retirement, expressed his readiness to mentor young leaders to take over once his partnership with Ruto concludes.

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“When my time comes, I will not leave you the way Uhuru left us. I will nurture leaders carefully and intelligently. When it’s my time to exit, we will have prepared enough leaders and you can choose who to vote for among them. Uhuru did not prepare us. I sprung up from nowhere like a mushroom,” Mr Gachagua said.

The Deputy President attended a memorial ceremony in Kinyona, located within Kigumo Constituency, to honor the late Suzanne Wanjiru, mother of nominated MP Sabina Chege, and to raise funds for Bishop Gatimu Kinyona Girls Secondary School.

During Mr. Nyoro’s address, he promised unwavering backing for Mr. Gachagua and President Ruto without any conditions.

“We offer the President and his deputy unconditional support as they serve Kenyans. To the Deputy President, we offer you support and pray that you succeed in the tea, coffee and milk agricultural sub-sector reforms. We love you and support you as our leaders,” said Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

The Deputy President urged for unity between the Rift Valley and Mt Kenya regions, with over 100 MPs from both Kenya Kwanza and Jubilee Party present supporting this call.

Numerous MPs criticized Mr. Nyoro for fostering division within the region.

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The Deputy President warned young political leaders against involving themselves in divisive and succession politics, emphasizing that such actions were insensitive to the significant number of Kenyans who had recently participated in elections.

“Let us be united. This is not the time to talk about succession. It is insensitive to talk about succession slightly over one year after the elections. We should first work and focus on helping President William Ruto achieve his mission to transform this country. The President and I will continue mentoring and nurturing youth leaders. We will nurture leaders carefully and intelligently. By the time we leave office, we will have prepared enough leaders. Let us not divide Kenyans,” said the Deputy President.

He additionally urged leaders to refrain from engaging in intra-county politics and instead concentrate on socioeconomic development, characterizing such political maneuvering as regressive.

“Some people get excited and start engaging the people with trivialities and in the process causing divisions. We must have a vision and work on it, but also be careful. Divisive politics brought us problems in the past. We have a responsibility to help the President in keeping our backyard in order. I appeal to the leaders, please let us do everything to unite our people. Our unity is our relevance in national political discourse,” said the DP.

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Leaders from various regions across the country joined the Deputy President for the fundraising event hosted at Bishop Gatimu Kinyona Girls School in Kigumo, Murang’a County.

Speaking to the MPs at Thika Greens following the gathering, the Deputy President highlighted the significant presence of 117 leaders as a powerful demonstration of unity.

MP Edward Muriu, from Gatanga, said “We are committed behind Deputy President Gachagua and President Ruto. We will continue supporting them and we are grateful that the Jubilee Party joined the government”.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah commended the Deputy President for embracing not only the leaders of the Jubilee Party but also those aligned with the Azimio opposition party.

“We thank Sabina Chege (Jubilee acting party leader), Kanini Kega (Jubilee Party Secretary-General) and Deputy President for uniting us. We must all unite in pursuit of the greater good for Kenya. The Deputy President is a great leader as he does not discriminate against leaders and embraces all people from the political divide,” said Mr Ichung’wa.

Eldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan and Ms. Chege expressed that their Jubilee party is committed to collaborating with the Kenya Kwanza administration.

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DP Gachagua, Ndindi Nyoro mend fences, pledge to keep Mt Kenya united



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