Driver Flees After Running Over Politician’s Daughter


Driver Flees After Running Over Politician’s Daughter

According to a driver’s complaint, a hit-and-run event took place on Saturday evening at Thika Road along Lumumba Drive in Nairobi County.

The incident involved a white SUV.

The casualty, subsequently recognized as the daughter of a Kirinyaga Member of the County Assembly (MCA), caused the MCA to implore both the police and the general public for aid in identifying the motorist who absconded from the scene.


MCA Njeri Mwaniki conveyed her dismay in a public speech, underscoring the danger her daughter faced throughout the event.

She expressed her conviction that, despite the driver’s present attempt to avoid responsibility, the law will ultimately ensure that they are held responsible.

In her appeal to the motorist, she said, “You knocked down my daughter almost killing her, you will know that there is law in this country,” she stated.

“If you are wise just reveal yourself before the law catches up with you.” .

MCA Njeri Mwaniki expressed appreciation for the positive progress of her daughter’s health and appealed to the people for their prayers.

In addition, she expressed gratitude for the help of a kind individual called Dennis, who not only recognized the vehicle in question but also promptly conveyed the injured party to the medical facility for necessary care.

The occurrence adds to the increasing instances of irresponsible driving in the nation, resulting in avoidable deaths, as emphasized by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA).

The data from NTSA indicates a notable surge in accidents from January 1, 2024, to April 1, 2024, in comparison to the same period in 2023.

Within this specific period, a total of 7,198 individuals from Kenya were engaged in road accidents, indicating an increase of 1,908 occurrences compared to the previous year.

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Driver Flees After Running Over Politician’s Daughter



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