EACC Flags Ruto’s Ambassadorial Nominee in Nairobi Housing Saga


EACC Flags Ruto’s Ambassadorial Nominee in Nairobi Housing Saga

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has warned President William Ruto’s ambassadorial candidate to Kampala, Uganda, Joash Maangi, for a housing scandal in Nairobi.

The former Kisii Deputy Governor was told of EACC’s letter rejecting his candidacy during his appearance before the vetting panel on Thursday, April 4.

Maangi had to deal with a prolonged litigation between a corporation where he serves as a board and the National Housing Corporation.


According to the vetting committee head, Belgut MP Nelson Koech, the firm was compensated for housing units in Langata, which the anti-graft organization is challenging.

“We received a report from EACC and the issue raised was a recommendation to charge Joash Maangi in a matter related to the National Housing project,” Koech stated

Following the objection, Kamkunji MP Yusuf Hassan questioned Maangi about why he couldn’t wait to complete the case before taking on the work.

“The chair mentioned that EACC is investigating you, you are under investigation. A dark cloud is hanging over you. Would it not be better for you and your country that you stand aside and clear your name before taking the assignment?” Yusuf posed.

Defending himself, Maangi said that he was a Director at the business mentioned in the tale. However, he stressed that if somebody was found guilty, the law should take its course.

“I am 100 percent innocent, this is a witch-hunt. I am confident I am a good citizen and ready to take up my assignment,” Maangi insisted.

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EACC Flags Ruto’s Ambassadorial Nominee in Nairobi Housing Saga



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