European Citizens Demand Cancellation of Trade Deal With Kenya


European Citizens Demand Cancellation of Trade Deal With Kenya

EU citizens have been sending protest letters to EU President Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, urging the economic bloc to terminate a trade agreement with Kenya.

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) disclosed this information on Tuesday, March 12, as the Parliament of the region attempted to persuade locals to stop the protests.

The individuals are urging the European Parliament to reject the commercial agreements made between the European Commission and Kenya in December 2023, as stated in their letters.


The agreement necessary for the implementation was agreed by the European Parliament on February 29.

The petitioners have additionally requested the annulment of a comparable agreement concluded between the European Union and the Chilean government within the same timeframe.

“These citizens are concerned that the agreements would be detrimental to local populations and environmental protection,” EPRS noted.

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), which offers extensive research and analytical assistance to the Members of the European Parliament, its committees, and the European Parliament itself, has acknowledged the citizens’ call for a reassessment of the European Union’s trade policies.

The European Union clarified that sending a letter to the President would not yield significant results, as it is the European Commission that negotiates accords under the guidance of the EU Council.

After the completion of discussions, the Council formally accepts the agreement, while the Parliament’s involvement is restricted to either approving or rejecting the deal.

“The Parliament has no power to amend the agreements and the President of the European Parliament cannot influence members’ votes,” EPRS told the disgruntled citizens.

The EU justified its support for the agreement with Kenya by highlighting its potential to enhance bilateral trade, attract more investment, foster sustainable economic growth, and facilitate the transition to a greener economy by reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The fears of EU citizens were alleviated by providing assurance that the deal would guarantee climate and environmental protection, as well as uphold worker’s rights and gender equality.

“This agreement will further open the European market to Kenyan products and encourage European investment in Kenya,” the protestors were told.

Furthermore, they were informed that the deal served as a preliminary step towards enhancing the European Union’s ties with Africa.

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European Citizens Demand Cancellation of Trade Deal With Kenya



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