Ex-US Envoy Drops Explosive Bombshell on Ruto Motive to Sending Kenyan Police To Haiti. “Doing it For The Money”


Ex-US Envoy Drops Explosive Bombshell on Ruto Motive to Sending Kenyan Police To Haiti. “Doing it For The Money”

Former U.S. Special Envoy for Haiti Dan Foote has expressed scepticism regarding Kenya’s proposal to deploy 1,000 police officers to Haiti on a security mission, stating that the quantity of personnel is insufficient to free the Caribbean nation from marauding gangs.

Foote stated in an interview with CNN that at least 20,000 soldiers have been stationed in Port-au-Prince during each military intervention in Haiti, and that none of these missions have been successful.

“A thousand isn’t going to cut it and while they have commitments for double or triple that, that’s still not going to cut it. Every time there has been a military intervention in Haiti in the past 20 years, it’s had a minimum of 20,000 troops or police going in there,” Foote said.


Foote emphasised further the public aversion of Kenyans to supporting the mission in Haiti.

“You see the reticence on the part of the Kenyan public to send these guys and that makes me nervous,” he said.

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Furthermore, according to the former envoy, Kenya’s decision to assume the lead of the security mission is primarily motivated by financial incentives provided by the United Nations Security Council, rather than sincere peacekeeping endeavours.

“I believe that this is more of a cash grab by President Ruto whose country will receive a lot of money for doing this,” he said.

In an effort to restore security in Haiti, the Kenyan-led multinational force received an initial $100 million (Ksh.13 billion) commitment from the United States government. The US government further urged other nations to extend comparable financial contributions.

Foote additionally cautioned that the heavily armed Haitian criminals would engage Kenyan troops in fierce combat, particularly in the event that the Caricom government is implemented in the Caribbean country.

“The Haitians are well armed and if the international community imposes this Caricom government contract, they are going to fight the Kenyans to the death,” he said.

Haiti is presently confronted with a humanitarian crisis precipitated by a substantial escalation in gang violence.

Kenya suspended the plan to dispatch police to Haiti as part of a multinational mission backed by the United Nations, the country disclosed last week.

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Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs Korir Sing’oei told AFP that the decision was reached subsequent to the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry of Haiti, in light of the country being predominantly occupied by armed criminals in the Caribbean region.

“There has been a fundamental change in circumstances as a result of the complete breakdown of law and order and the subsequent resignation of the PM of Haiti,” Korir Sing’oei, principal secretary for foreign affairs, told AFP.

In contrast, Sing’oei maintained Kenya’s dedication to “providing leadership to the MSS,” an allusion to the UN Security Council-approved Multinational Security Support mission from October of last year.

Conversely, President William Ruto maintains a steadfast stance regarding the Kenyan government’s determination to initiate the mission in Haiti.

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Ex-US Envoy Drops Explosive Bombshell on Ruto Motive to Sending Kenyan Police To Haiti. “Doing it For The Money”



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