Exclusive Insights into Ruto’s Meeting with Coastal Leaders in Mombasa


Exclusive Insights into Ruto’s Meeting with Coastal Leaders in Mombasa

Yesterday, President William Ruto convened a private meeting at State House Mombasa with Coast governors and elected officials to address regional concerns.

Following this gathering, Ruto spoke during an Inter-Denominational Thanksgiving prayer at Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, highlighting that the Coast leaders brought forth various issues they wish for the Kenya Kwanza government to tackle.

“We had a candid conversation around the issue of land. I had promised that I would resolve these issues of land at the Coast because we have answers to the land question,” Ruto said.

Governors Abdulswamad Nassir (Mombasa), Gideon Mung’aro (Kilifi), and Dhadho Godhana (Tana River) were among the attendees at the meeting. Additionally, Senate Speaker Amason Kingi, along with Cabinet Secretaries Salim Mvurya (Blue Economy) and Aisha Jumwa (Gender), as well as numerous other elected and appointed leaders, were present.

This gathering took place just three weeks following a prior meeting among Coast leaders in Nairobi, where they strategized a meeting with the President.

The President noted that the discussions encompassed various issues, including the privatization of the port, land disputes, agricultural concerns, healthcare, education, affordable housing, and the blue economy.

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Ruto mentioned that his administration has already dispatched surveyors to the Kwa Bullo Settlement Scheme in Nyali. In the near future, the residents there will be provided with title deeds.

“Nyali MP (Mohammed Ali) has ever been on my case because of Kwa Bullo. The more than 10,000 families that are living in that area will soon receive their title deeds,” he said.

During the initial day of his five-day visit to the Coast on Wednesday, the President committed to addressing land-related issues within the broader Kisauni constituency.

In areas like Gandini, Maunguja, Kashani, and Ugatuzi in Kisauni, numerous families are currently residing as squatters and have received eviction notices. The collective landmass of Gandini, Maunguja, and Kashani encompasses over 4,100 acres, accommodating more than 10,000 families.

Moreover, in Ugatuzi, over 2,000 families residing on a 100-acre piece of land are troubled by the actions of a private investor seeking their eviction.

President Ruto, on Sunday, reiterated the government’s commitment, mentioning the allocation of Sh1 billion in the Settlement Trust Fund (STF). This fund is intended to procure land from absentee landlords to facilitate the resettlement of landless individuals within the region.

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“I have committed myself, I have every plan to ensure that that issues of lands in this region are resolved. We will buy land from the absentee landlords and resettle our people,” he said.

The President additionally revealed plans for the establishment of three cost-effective housing projects in Mombasa County, which are set to be financed through the Housing Department.

During the week, the Head of State oversaw the ceremonial commencement of the initial phase of the Mzizima Housing Project, involving 2,000 units, and the subsequent phase, consisting of 1,400 units for the Buxton Point Housing project, both located in Mvita.

Recent statements by Ruto highlighted that the Mombasa government has allocated land for an additional housing initiative in Likoni.

Moreover, the national government intends to acquire a section of the 22-acre land owned by KBC in the VOK area of Nyali. This space will be utilized to construct more units for affordable housing and a new market in Mombasa.

Regarding agriculture, the President emphasized that despite the region’s vast arable land, the coastal area has historically relied on imported agricultural products. This highlights a need to enhance local agricultural production to reduce dependency on external sources.

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“Coast region has become a net importer of food. We want to change the region to become a net exporter of food,” Ruto said.

On Saturday, Ruto inaugurated the Integrated Fruit Processing Plant in Hola, Tana River, an initiative that has generated 200 employment opportunities and provided training on optimal agricultural methods to over 1,000 farmers.

He highlighted that enhancing value addition and fortifying production capacity is a strategy to augment Kenya’s presence in global markets, elevate exports, and generate foreign exchange.

Ruto also oversaw the commissioning of the Korakora main canal at Nanighi within the Bura Irrigation Scheme. This development is anticipated to expand the irrigated land from 12,000 acres to 25,000 acres.

The expansion is projected to bolster production, leading to an increase of 950,000 bags of rice and 500,000 bags of maize per year, as announced by the President.

“This expansion will also generate more than 120,000 jobs and boost our economy by Sh5 billion annually,” he said.

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Exclusive Insights into Ruto’s Meeting with Coastal Leaders in Mombasa



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