Ezekiel Mutua responds to CS Kuria attack over MCSK term limit


Ezekiel Mutua responds to CS Kuria attack over MCSK term limit

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), criticized Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria for his stance on the tenure of MCSK board members on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

In a released statement, Kuria alleged that MCSK board members intended to prolong their tenure through an irregular special meeting scheduled for Friday, February 16, 2024.

Kuria vehemently opposed this action, labeling it as unacceptable, and assured measures to prevent its occurrence.


“Music Copyright Society of Kenya Board has been in office for the last 6 years. They want to extend their term irregularly in a Special General Meeting on Friday 16th. This is simply not acceptable and it will not pass. Mambo ni matatu. Even stealing has a term limit,” Kuria said.

In reply to the CS, Ezekiel clarified that the purpose of the special meeting, contrary to Kuria’s assertions, is to ratify the upcoming MCSK elections scheduled for April.

He emphasized that this meeting is a legal necessity as outlined in the Companies Act, 2015, and noted that MCSK had issued a notice to its members to ensure they are adequately prepared for the event.

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“On the contrary Waziri, the Special AGM is meant to ratify the MCSK elections slated for April. The meeting is a legal requirement in line with the Companies Act, 2015 and MCSK published a notice in the dailies for members to prepare for the same,” Mutua said.

Continuing his response, Ezekiel criticized the CS for his remarks, accusing him of abusing his office.

“When you say that “it won’t happen” does it mean that you intend to disrupt it? Is this not tantamount to abuse of your office CS given that Arts is not your docket? You are neither a musician nor a member of MCSK. What’s your interest in a private company’s AGM?” Ezekiel posed.

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Ezekiel Mutua responds to CS Kuria attack over MCSK term limit



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