Family of Slain Cop Speaks Out After DJ Joe Mfalme’s Release


Family of Slain Cop Speaks Out After DJ Joe Mfalme’s Release

The family of the late Felix Ole Kintosi, on Monday, April 8, addressed the press, breaking their silence following the release of 6 suspects in the murder case.

They expressed concerns about the possibility of justice not being served, particularly after DJ Joe Mfalme, formerly a suspect, became a State witness.

The family member stated that they perceived a lack of justice, noting, “We have seen that we are not likely to get justice because when the case is beginning and we hear six of the suspects have been freed.”


They further added that the key suspect allegedly works for one of the freed individuals, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with the current course of action.

Kintosi, a former police officer, was assaulted on March 16 and later died from his injuries while undergoing treatment in a Nairobi hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred in Kikuyu after a minor traffic altercation. The entertainer and his crew were accused of instigating the altercation, with officers from Kikuyu Police Station later joining in.

According to a relative, Kintosi did not succumb immediately after the assault. He was arrested and taken to the police station before being released the following day.

While at home, he informed his family that he had been attacked by multiple individuals before experiencing abdominal pain. He was subsequently rushed to a local hospital, where he passed away.

The DJ and his co-accused were arrested on March 23 and subsequently released by the Kibera Law Courts to assist police in their investigations.

Kintosi was laid to rest on Friday, and his family has called for accountability from the courts and relevant authorities for his death.

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Family of Slain Cop Speaks Out After DJ Joe Mfalme’s Release



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