Former Kisii DG Maangi Declares Net Worth to Parliament


Former Kisii DG Maangi Declares Net Worth to Parliament

Integrity, inexperience, and source of wealth were among the primary challenges confronting President William Ruto’s choices to lead different missions across the globe when the Defense and Foreign Relations Committee began the screening process.

The Committee interviewed five applicants today. Ms. Catherene Kirumba Karemu has been proposed as the high commissioner in the United Kingdom, former Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi has been proposed as the head of the high commission in Uganda, former West Pokot woman Representative Lillian Tomitom has been proposed as the high commissioner in Zambia, Lt General (Rtd) Jonah Mwangi is on his way to Tehran in Iran, and Caroline Kamende Daudi is on her way to Ottawa Canada.


Maangi faced the greatest issues about his integrity after being examined by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for corruption charges.

However, the Office of the Director of Prosecutions refused to prosecute him.

“Being a high commissioner is such an important role, why would you not step aside and clear your good name before being appointed?” Posed Kamkunji MP Yussuf Hassan.

However, Maangi held he was innocent and blamed the probe on the political witch-hunt that followed the previous general election.

Maangi told the committee that the firm with which he is involved constructed homes for the government and handed them over, and that despite the disagreement, his company won the matter all the way to the appeal court.

“I am 100% sure that I am innocent, this was some kind of witch hunt; I am a good citizen in good standing, and ready to serve, I have not been charged in any court of law.’’ He told the committee.

Members of the Nelson Koech-led committee were also taken aback by the former deputy governor’s earnings last year, which totaled barely Ksh 690 million shillings.

He said that it was because he got a one-time payment that had been outstanding for some time.

“I said exactly what I made last year, there was a little bit of a hike because I was paid what I was owed over a period of time is was a one off lump sum payment.”

“Some of the properties are not income generating, I own three homes, one in Kisii, one in Nairobi and one in Minnesota where my children live, all those are not income generating.” He defended himself.

Karemu, for her part, struggled to explain how she could work as a strategic partner in London given her lack of diplomatic abilities.

“I have been in a business of relationships, I have been managing people, I have been managing companies, ask any of my referees, whenever I have been, I have been changed, and I don’t see this appointment any different, I promise you, I will deliver,” she assured the committee.

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Former Kisii DG Maangi Declares Net Worth to Parliament



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