From hawking to scandalous: Peter Kelerwa Salasya the drama king from Mumias


From hawking to scandalous: Peter Kelerwa Salasya the drama king from Mumias

Peter Kelerwa Salasya initially gained recognition solely among the residents of Mumias East, but his profile skyrocketed to a national level after they elected him in the recent General Election.

Initially reserved, once he acclimated, he consistently made headlines. However, the focus shifted from his rags-to-riches narrative to controversies, ranging from intimidating magistrates to physically assaulting fellow politicians at memorial services.

Recently, Mr. Salasya has reemerged in public discourse due to his latest altercation with a Member of the County Assembly in Kakamega County.


Salasya attacked Peter Walunya Indimuli unexpectedly during a burial in Mumias, delivering a forceful slap to his face. This incident led to a disturbance, causing chaos as mourners fled for safety amid the drawn guns and fired shots. The Member of Parliament was subsequently arrested, released on a Ksh.50,000 cash bail, and is set to face assault charges on Monday.

In defense, Salasya claimed he slapped the MCA due to continuous taunting and alleged harassment orchestrated by the area governor. According to Salasya, the governor had sent the MCA to make his life difficult, prompting him to retaliate in self-defense.

This episode is just one of several controversies involving the first-time MP, whose foray into national politics has been marked by drama and unconventional behavior. Salasya, formerly a bicycle hawker in Kakamega, gained support from Mumias East constituents by advocating for the troubles facing the Mumias Sugar company.

Despite initially losing in the 2017 MP election, Salasya, with minimal resources and assistance from Eugene Wamalwa, contested again in 2022 and emerged victorious. His rapid rise to prominence has been accompanied by a series of incidents, from social media posts flaunting luxury items to altercations with political opponents.

Salasya has been a vocal critic of Governor Fernandes Barasa, engaging in physical altercations with the governor’s supporters and accusing him of orchestrating attacks on his property. The MP has also expressed reluctance to collaborate with Governor Barasa, even threatening to leave the Azimio la Umoja coalition party if forced into a handshake with him.

In addition to his political controversies, Salasya gained attention during the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, where he appeared uninformed about the event despite attending.

His journey in national politics has been characterized by a mix of unexpected twists, confrontations, and social media antics.

β€œI was in Mombasa last week, and it was so cold. I asked them, what is happening? They told me the sun has become too much and the ice is melting, and so when it melts, that thing becomes cold,” he said propelling him to a trending topic as Kenyans panned him.

Dismissing his critics, Salasya brushed off the climate change incident, stating that he is not an expert in that field and continued with his daily life.

However, he soon found himself in the headlines again when reports surfaced that he allegedly issued threats to kill Magistrate Gladys Kiama from the Kakamega Small Claims Court.

This alleged threat came after the magistrate had ordered Salasya to pay a businessman Ksh.500,000 in accordance with a court ruling.

Following the judgment, the first-time parliamentarian is reported to have confronted Magistrate Gladys Kiama outside the courtroom and purportedly threatened her life.

This incident added to the growing list of controversies surrounding Salasya, further highlighting his turbulent journey in both local politics and legal matters.

β€œAt around 1230 hours while at Kakamega Law Courts, having delivered a judgement in a small claim matter vide case no. SSC E541/2023 against Hon. Peter Salasya, MP for Mumias East Constituency where he had been sued for failing to refund the money loaned to him by the claimant.

He confronted her outside the courtroom and threatened to kill her and then took off,” reads a report filed at the Kakamega Police Station.

Salasya underwent a two-hour interrogation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) before being released on police bail amounting to Ksh.20,000 on December 4.

Despite the persistent drama surrounding him, it appears that Salasya remains focused on serving his constituents.

In a research poll conducted by Infotrak in November 2023, Salasya was recognized as one of the top-performing young leaders in Kenya.

The poll revealed that Ndindi Nyoro of Kiharu led the list with an average score of 70%, followed by Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi at 66%, who shared the second position with Christopher Wangaya of Khwisero. Salasya secured the fourth position with a score of 64%.

This acknowledgment suggests that, despite the controversies, Salasya has demonstrated a level of performance that has been recognized in public opinion polls.

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From hawking to scandalous: Peter Kelerwa Salasya the drama king from Mumias



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