Gachagua changes tactic to win Mt Kenya voters hearts after previous onslaught proved costly


Gachagua changes tactic to win Mt Kenya voters hearts after previous onslaught proved costly

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has shifted his approach, emerging as a key figure in the current endeavours to mend divisions and reconcile the unsettled Mt Kenya region.

A closer look of the DP’s recent efforts reveals a resolute individual striving to unite the region and mitigate internal conflicts that could jeopardise its ability to negotiate effectively.

Recent developments have revealed that Gachagua’s strategy and attempts to connect with others are transforming political coalitions, going beyond conventional divisions and indicating a fresh era in the region’s politics.


Gachagua has moderated his criticisms of former President Uhuru Kenyatta after realising the negative consequences of his prior aggressive approach.

He has also refrained from vehemently criticising his opponents and instead, has chosen to support all elected politicians.

On Thursday, Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruuku asserted that the Deputy President now holds a strong grip over his political support base in the Mt Kenya region, and any previous differences have now been effectively silenced.

The Member of Parliament, who is an key supporter of Gachagua, credited the DP’s astuteness and strategic discussions with political figures as the reasons behind the growing unity in the Mt Kenya region.

“Any leader who fails to accord Gachagua his respect as the Deputy President and as the leader of Mt Kenya region, we shall deal with him man to man,” Ruuku said, insisting that the DP is the region’s kingpin.

Gachagua’s calculated actions to attract his previous detractors and diminish apparent hostility are reshaping political alliances that may usher in a new age of shared objectives.

Political analysts currently assert that the political environment in the region, which was previously characterised by internal divisions and past conflicts during the last election, is now undergoing a peaceful and positive change under the leadership of Gachagua.

The Deputy President has taken steps to alleviate concerns in the region on its position in President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza cabinet, dismissing allegations of an unfair treatment towards Mt Kenya.

To alleviate the worries that have recently spread throughout the region, Gachagua has undertaken strategic visits to Mt Kenya accompanied by President Ruto.

In addition, he has chosen to dedicate the majority of his Sundays to attending religious services held in his own backyard, with the intention of strengthening and confirming his authority as the unquestioned political leader of the region.

President Ruto recently went on a three-day tour, during which Gachagua stressed the significance of unity.

He implored the people to maintain their allegiance to Kenya Kwanza and unite in support of President Ruto for the sake of national unity, alleviating concerns about the region being marginalised.

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“We are one community, one people and one country united in support of our President William Ruto,” he said in one stop during the tour of Embu, Nyeri and Meru counties.

Gachagua emphasised the community’s dedication to completely support President Ruto for the sake of mutual advantage and advancement, thereby quelling the succession discussions that had been a source of concern.

A group of Members of Parliament (MPs) has been advocating for discussions about the succession of power to take place earlier than expected. They were proposing Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro as a potential running partner for President Ruto in the 2027 elections, instead of Gachagua.

The DP urged the people to reject any efforts aimed at fostering discord among them, emphasising the year 1992 when the region was split in half.

Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, and Nyandarua endorsed Mwai Kibaki, but Kiambu, Murang’a, and Nairobi supported Kenneth Matiba.

Additionally, it has been revealed that Gachagua has successfully reconciled with Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, with whom he previously had a strained relationship.

Kuria’s nuanced critique of Gachagua posed a potential risk of instigating a new uprising, which may undermine the Deputy President’s endeavours to solidify support in the Mt Kenya region.

It is said that the Deputy President has promised to attend Kuria’s Mt Kenya football competition, which will be held in all the counties.

There are indications of a significant political meeting being organised in Limuru with the purpose of solidifying the unity of the region and mobilising support for a shared agenda.

It is uncertain whether Gachagua and his supporters would participate, but a group led by Martha Karua, the leader of Narc Kenya, who has been highly critical of him, is said to be organising the event.

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga, a prominent supporter of the Deputy President, emphasised that politicians from the Mt Kenya region should have the same freedom to convene as leaders from other regions.

“When Mount Kenya leaders meet to talk, you will start to hear people complaining but when Luhyas do so, no one complains. We must unite for the region’s unity and growth,” he said.

Kahiga’s remarks indicate a gradual improvement in the previously strained relationship between Gachagua’s supporters and opposition lawmakers from the region, spearheaded by Karua.

“There is no harm when the people of Mount Kenya meet to discuss their pressing issues and thus the Mount Kenya region should not be always judged negatively while other communities in western and Rift Valley meet and talk about their issues,” he said.

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Karua and Jubilee secretary general Jeremiah Kioni on Thursday held talks at Fiesta Hotel in Ruaka to lay strategies for the Limuru III conference slated for April 19.

Joseph Manje, a former Kajiado North MP, attended the meeting.

Karua and Jubilee secretary general Jeremiah Kioni convened a meeting at Fiesta Hotel in Ruaka on Thursday to devise strategies for the next Limuru III conference scheduled for April 19.

Joseph Manje, a former Member of Parliament for Kajiado North, was present during the meeting.

However, Karua’s group has emphasised their efforts to gather leaders and influential figures from the Mt Kenya region in order to strategize for political survival and empowerment. Their goal is to represent the voice of Mount Kenya inside the opposition.

The leader of Narc Kenya has stated to the media that the Limuru conference will function as a forum to discuss a range of socio-political concerns that impact the community.

“The Constitution allows people with common interests to come together. We are not different from other communities and we should join hands to deliberate on our future,” she said.

Kioni stressed the pressing need for the meeting to tackle the political weaknesses of the region.

He urged leaders to unite in order to address the challenges that pose a danger to the political significance of Mt Kenya.

Charles Mwangi, a political analyst and professor at JKUAT, stated that Gachagua’s leadership has brought a fresh wave of hope to a region that has frequently struggled with internal disagreements.

According to him, his method of promoting regional unity has successfully guided him through the intricate political environment. Political experts are praising his plan for unification, considering it a significant milestone in Mount Kenya’s political history.

“Gachagua’s unifying vision is a breath of fresh air in Mount Kenya’s political arena. His strategic approach is not just about alliances; it’s a comprehensive effort to heal historical wounds and foster a sense of togetherness that has been long overdue,” he said.

Samuel Nderitu, a former Member of Parliament for Gilgil, likened Gachagua to the conductor of a unity symphony in the region.

He compared Gachagua’s strategic moves to musical notes, with each note skillfully combining different parts to form a song that deeply connects with the aspirations and desires of the people.

Nderitu stressed the significance of supporting both national cohesion and the government.

“We should pray for and support the unity of the national government. If they succeed, it benefits us all. If they fail, we will also face challenges with nothing to celebrate.” He said.

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Thuo Mathenge, the leader of the New Democrats Party, stated to the Star that Gachagua is transcending traditional divisions, building connections in areas where disparities previously existed, and that his strategic approach to unity is facilitating a new era of political cooperation.

“The Deputy President’s outreach efforts go beyond mere political manoeuvres; they signify his unwavering dedication to the people of Mount Kenya,” he said.

“Gachagua is transcending traditional divisions, erasing gaps and his strategic brilliance is laying the foundation for a fresh era of political collaboration.”

Gachagua’s endeavours to forge alliances and engage with grassroots communities represent the pinnacle of Mount Kenya’s developing political storyline.

“I endorse anyone working towards the unity of the Kikuyu community, irrespective of their political affiliation. Following the recent Kimorori Declaration in Kenol town, we collectively agreed that the unity of Mount Kenya is paramount and must be supported through all means,” Thuo said.

Joseph Gachane, a political commentator, criticised the Limuru III unity conference as a strategic political move staged by Kioni and Karua to maintain their relevance in the midst of national political turmoil.

“Limuru III might not attract much-needed support as the proprietors think. Already, Karua and Kioni are attempting to exploit it for personal gain, aiming to craft a facade of relevance,” Gachane said.

Albert Kasembeli, a fellow analyst, expressed similar views, highlighting that the Limuru III conference is transparently aimed at reviving the political aspirations of a select few politicians, despite facing significant opposition.

“The true test for Kioni and Karua will be whether they can convince the disillusioned masses that their agenda extends beyond personal ambitions and aligns with the genuine interests of the Mount Kenya region,”he said.

Andrew Maringa, a political analyst, stated that Gachagua has emerged as a pivotal figure in fostering unity within Mount Kenya, dedicating tireless efforts to instil a sense of unity and commitment to a shared purpose among both the populace and leadership.

“As the de facto leader of Mount Kenya, Gachagua not only commands respect but also wields considerable command and bargaining power on behalf of the region’s inhabitants,” he said.

Isaiah Gichu, the head of the Party of Democratic Unity, stated that Gachagua’s endeavours, with Mount Kenya taking a prominent role in national politics, had the potential to create a more cohesive and influential community, surpassing conventional political divisions.

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Gachagua changes tactic to win Mt Kenya voters hearts after previous onslaught proved costly



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