Gachagua Dares Simba Arati in Front of Ruto


Gachagua Dares Simba Arati in Front of Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua declared on Saturday that he would once more remove the security detail of Kisii Governor Simba Arati if Arati takes the lead in organizing protests against the government in the county.

While addressing attendees at a Thanksgiving mass held at Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School in Kisii, DP Gachagua acknowledged the prior withdrawal of Arati’s security during the increased period of demonstrations in July.

Gachagua explained that the decision was based on safeguarding the armed aides of Arati from potential clashes with the police who were deployed to suppress the riots.


“Simba Arati, my friend, you were lamenting over security officers being withdrawn. We did not have any issue, and it is not the President who withdrew your security but me,” Gachagua noted.

“If you return to protests with your officers, we will withdraw them again because we cannot allow officers to injure each other. Do you know why? It was because of a minor thing. An officer’s work is to quell protests. So if you take your officers to the same protests, they will hurt each other,” he added.

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Gachagua asserted that security officers assigned to opposition leaders aligned themselves with the protesters rather than supporting those dispatched by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to safeguard lives and property.

“So we decided since the protests were going on, we saw it was good to rest those officers protesting against the government until the demonstrations are over. Once the protests are over, we restore your officers.”

Despite cautioning Governor Arati against spearheading anti-government protests, Gachagua commended the residents of Kisii for adopting a peaceful approach. He further advised them to refrain from participating in street demonstrations.

“I am very confident you cannot return to protests, and Kisii people do not love destruction. They are people who love development,” Gachagua argued.

“Now, Governor, things are simple. It was just a minor issue, and I told you to calm down. You were castigating me, and I told you if you are of good behaviour, we will give you security, as simple as that.”

Arati avoided a confrontation with Gachagua and opted to express gratitude for the restoration of his security officers.

In September of this year, he criticized Gachagua, claiming it was a witchhunt and part of the government’s strategy to undermine opposition leaders.

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“I am happy that you restored by security, I had none, and now I have them all, and when we spoke, I am happy they came back, and we can work together,” Arati noted.

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Gachagua Dares Simba Arati in Front of Ruto



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