Gachagua Responds After Ruto Announced Plans to Field Female Running Mate


Gachagua Responds After Ruto Announced Plans to Field Female Running Mate

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has commented on President Ruto’s statement that the United Democratic Party (UDA) will field a female running mate in future elections.

Speaking on Friday, March 8, during the celebration of International Women’s Day in Embu, Gachagua stated that most people did not understand the President’s correct context on the issue.

The DP stated that they would consider having a female running mate near the end of Ruto’s second term in office.


Gachagua urged those who believed Ruto meant the 2027 general election to be patient, stating that the Head of State will issue a directive before the end of his term.

“We will continue to discuss how women will be involved in leadership roles in the government and hold significant positions because they have demonstrated their prowess. Some did not understand when the President said he would talk to me about organizing women when we finish our affairs. They thought it was soon. You must wait for me to help the president during his term, when it comes to an end, the President himself will lead us and show us how to organize these women,” Gachagua explained.

Ruto stated on Thursday at the Women Governors’ Caucus G7 Strategy Summit in Nairobi that he would meet with DP Gachagua to agree that if the party fields a male presidential candidate, the running mate must be a woman.

The President urged UDA Chairperson Cecily Mbarire to make the new changes to the party rules so that they can be implemented in future elections.

“We must as a party lead from the front, and we must make it in the rules that when Rigathi Gachagua and myself when we discuss our future politics, we must also agree that going forward if a man is a candidate for President in our party the woman must be the running mate and if a woman is a candidate, then a man can be a running mate” said Ruto.

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Gachagua Responds After Ruto Announced Plans to Field Female Running Mate



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