Gachagua Takes Action After Politicians Disrupt Ruto’s Event


Gachagua Takes Action After Politicians Disrupt Ruto’s Event

On Sunday, March 17, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressed the disorder that ensued in Bomet County on Saturday, during which time President William Ruto was on a visit to the region.

Gachagua disclosed during a church service in Nandi County that he intended to convene a meeting of all implicated politicians to deliberate on a strategy to avert the recurrence of the disorder he claimed was “humiliating the President.”

“I was so embarrassed while in Bomet, the President took about 30 minutes to to quell the chaos instead of conveying his message. Stop taking the presidency for granted.”


“I will call these leaders to discuss this issue and if they do not listen to me I report them to you. They will explain to me what is the problem,” the Deputy President stated.

Those who disrupted President Ruto’s events throughout the nation were further condemned by him. He urged the leaders to capitalise on the new regime by cooperating.

Gachagua claims that certain leaders employed thugs to interrupt Ruto’s speeches and jeer other leaders while the Head of State was in attendance.

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“How do we expect the President to be respected by the rest of the world if we do not show him respect at home,” he stated.

The second-in-command emphasised that such situations must never occur again during Ruto’s ten years in power, adding that he will ensure that nothing similar occurs in the future.

Gachagua further stated that this holds true not only for Rift Valley leaders but for all leaders in the nation, particularly in regions where Ruto received more electoral support.

“Yesterday, the media did not even report on the good things the president did in Bomet, the chaos made the headlines and I shall not allow this to happen again,” Gachagua added.

During the aforementioned incident, residents engaged in disorderly behaviour and heckled Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok, compelling Ruto to intervene. Ruto attempted to subdue the populace so that the governor could finish speaking.

Additionally, the President emphasised that he does not wish for such conduct to occur at his gatherings. In addition, he advised the locals to hold off on replacing their leaders until the following election if they were unhappy with their performance.

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The Head of State attended multiple meetings that were interrupted by disruptive adolescents. Ruto was heckled in Kiambu on February 15, prompting the DP to criticise the local populace.

“This is our King, the President of Kenya. He has come to bring development to our area. You are bringing shame in front of the President of the Republic of Kenya in an area where we are known to be honourable people,” Gachagua noted.

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Gachagua Takes Action After Politicians Disrupt Ruto’s Event



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