Gachagua to meet Kiambu leaders amidst Speculation of Impending Ouster”


Gachagua to meet Kiambu leaders amidst Speculation of Impending Ouster”

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is set to convene a gathering of Kiambu leaders at his formal abode in Karen, Nairobi, scheduled for Monday.

This assembly arises in the midst of discussions about a potential impeachment directed at Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi, a situation that has caused division among the leaders in Kiambu.

During a statement on Sunday in Kiambu, National Assembly Majority leader Kimani Ichung’wah expressed that the county is confronting an evident crisis that cannot be concealed.

“I know you (Gachagua) has called us as Kiambu leadership to your official residence. We cannot pretend that the county doesn’t have a problem,” he said.

“We thank you for calling us because we have a problem and as leaders, the best we can do is to pray to God to give us the wisdom to be able to confront all our challenges truthfully.”

DP Gachagua highlighted that President William Ruto has entrusted him with the responsibility of uniting the leadership within Kiambu county, with the objective of preventing the county from facing further discord or deterioration.

“I have invited the Kiambu leaders so that I may know what the problem is. We are all serving the people of Kiambu and we were all elected on a UDA ticket. What is this all infighting for?” he posed

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The Deputy President noted the unsettling “noise” originating from the county, stressing that the discord within Kiambu, despite being a staunch supporter of the Kenya Kwanza administration, was not favorable.

The leaders are scheduled to have separate meetings with the Deputy President, commencing with the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in the morning, followed by the Members of Parliament (MPs) later in the day, and concluding with the meeting with the Governor of Kiambu.

Kiambu is comprised of 60 elected MCAs and 27 nominated individuals, and they are currently divided concerning Wamatangi’s leadership.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Governor Wamatangi’s governance, a faction of the Kiambu MCAs has urged the governor to institute changes, warning that they will present an impeachment motion if he fails to do so.

During a media briefing, the MCAs, led by Kikuyu Ward MCA Kamau Boro, accused the UDA Governor of purportedly mismanaging the Executive functions.

“The Governor runs the affairs of the County as a lone ranger with little respect as to the importance of County Assembly as far as oversight, transparency and accountability,” he claimed while reading a statement.

The MCAs highlighted the deficiency in development projects, particularly roads, underscoring that despite the budget being approved in the last financial year, there has been minimal progress in improving road access, with roads still in a poor state.

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In response, the MCAs issued a 21-day ultimatum to Governor Wamatangi to address the allegations against him. They warned that if he fails to respond within the given time frame, they are prepared to take action but will not immediately pursue his removal.

However, a different faction consisting of at least 49 MCAs has emerged to support Governor Wamatangi amidst the impending impeachment.

Peter Mburu, MCA of Kamenu ward, presented a statement during a press conference held outside the assembly premises on Friday, expressing the assembly’s reluctance to proceed with impeachment, signaling a divergence within the assembly regarding the actions to be taken against the governor.

“In the light of a statement made by some of our colleagues regarding a potential impeachment, we the undersigned members of county assembly firmly assert that Kiambu is not prepared for the removal of the Governor from office,” Mburu said.

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Gachagua to meet Kiambu leaders amidst Speculation of Impending Ouster”



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