Google Reveals Content Govt Ordered it to Delete From the Internet


Google Reveals Content Govt Ordered it to Delete From the Internet

Google has published a report that outlines requests from government entities to remove specific online content.

According to the Google Transparency Report, there were a total of 58 requests made by different government institutions to Google during the period from January to June 2023. In the preceding six months, from June to December 2022, a comparable number of 5 requests of a similar nature were submitted.

The requests specified in the report were primarily focused on addressing defamatory content and instances of impersonation, particularly involving senior government officials.


Additionally, content deemed to pose a threat to national security or violating trademark laws was identified for removal during the specified periods.

According to Google’s documentation, the majority of government requests were initiated through court orders, underscoring a legal basis for these demands.

Additionally, some requests were conveyed to Google by private citizens, indicating a diverse range of sources for the appeals made to the platform.

“Courts and government agencies around the world regularly request that we remove information from Google products. We review these requests closely to determine if content should be removed because it violates a law or our product policies. In this report, we disclose the number of requests we receive in six-month periods.

“There are many reasons we may not have removed content in response to a request, for instance, some requests may not be specific enough for us to know what the government wanted us to remove (for example, no URL is listed in the request) or the content might have already been removed by the author,” read the report in part.

Conversely, the government’s requests were motivated by the objective of safeguarding Kenyan citizens from scams.

Notably, the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) specifically sought the removal of content that involved impersonation of banks.

Additionally, websites frequently publishing fraudulent job listings, with the intention of deceiving Kenyans, were also subject to targeted removal requests.

“We received a request from the Communications Authority of Kenya to remove a Google Form that was found to be impersonating a local commercial bank in order to collect information from users.

“We restricted access to the Google Form for violation of Google Drive Abuse Program Policies,” read the report in part.

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Google Reveals Content Govt Ordered it to Delete From the Internet



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