Governor Mwangaza: Why I can’t set foot in Igembe


Governor Mwangaza: Why I can’t set foot in Igembe

Governor of Meru Kawira Mwangaza disclosed that “life threats” have prevented her from visiting the Igembe region for the past three months.

Governor Mwangaza explained to the residents of the Igembe region who had gathered at her office to demand her presence that she had avoided the area since January, when she was heckled and pursued by thugs during President William Ruto’s visit.

The Igembe region, which encompasses more than one-third of the county’s populace, is where Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma, who had a dispute with the governor last year, has his backyard.


“I was first attacked last year while donating a cow in Maua. I escaped the rowdy mob by the grace of God. When I accompanied the president to Igembe, I was heckled. My vehicle was ransacked by goons who were baying for my blood.”

“Luckily, I had left for the next stop in the president’s chopper. My driver was in fear throughout the president’s tour in Igembe. Due to these incidents, I could not visit Igembe because of my safety,” Ms Mwangaza recounted.

In Igembe Central’s Muringene, where President Ruto began his three-day tour of the county on January 26, Governor Mwangaza was booed and barred from subsequent meetings on account of political animosity.

She accused agriculture CS Mithika Linturi and Igembe Central MP Dan Kiili sensationally of employing adolescents to heckle her in front of the president. Subsequently, Mr. Kiili refuted the accusation.

Political adversaries, according to Ms. Mwangaza, also attempted to implicate her in the murder of blogger Daniel Muthiani, which created an antagonistic environment for her.

A cow provided by the governor of Meru at Maua was butchered in September of the previous year by unruly youths who were agitated over her political differences with the deputy governor.

The governor of Meru ascribed her predicament to “greedy politicians” who opposed her position on combating corrupt transactions.

“All the battles I have encountered are because I defend our resources against corrupt individuals. I vowed never to allow anyone to misuse public resources,” she said.

In order to fulfil her mandate, she urged politicians, including her deputy and county assembly members, to tone down their political behaviour.

“Despite all the negative politics I have encountered, I have not sidelined the people of Igembe. Development projects are going on in the area but I could not come there. However, this visit paves way for my development tour of the region,” Ms Mwangaza said.

A resident of Igembe, Mr. Francis Kaberia, stated that the attacks against the governor were orchestrated by a small number of individuals who were opposed to her.

“We condemn those who heckled the governor and slaughtered a cow at her meeting. As residents of Igembe, we will support the governor in delivering on her mandate. She should not be intimidated,” Mr Kaberia said.

They levied accusations against the governor’s political adversaries, attributing the balkanization of the county to the county boss.

A week prior to the governor’s disclosure, the Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders declared an engagement in dialogue with religious leaders in an effort to examine the profoundly polarised political climate in Meru County.

Josphat Murangiri, secretary general of Njuri Ncheke, stated that the escalation of political animosity, which has also penetrated the society, has alarmed the elders.

“We have been watching from a distance and realised that the political situation is worsening by the day. We will meet religious leaders in a weeks’ time to seek a solution to the disunity in Meru County,” Mr Murangiri said.

Linus Kathera, chairman of Njuri Ncheke, stated that local politics were extremely polarised, with MCAs, MPs, and the governor all belonging to separate factions.

“We have resolved that this political acrimony must come to an end. Even where there are political differences, they should not work against the interests of the people,” Mr Kathera said.

A vocal supporter of the governor from Igembe Central, Moses Lichoro, lost his residence and businesses worth over Sh50 million in an arson attack allegedly instigated politically last month.

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Governor Mwangaza: Why I can’t set foot in Igembe



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