Governor Mwangaza’s Urgent Demands to DCI Amidst Brother’s Impending Charges in Blogger Sniper’s Murder Case


Governor Mwangaza’s Urgent Demands to DCI Amidst Brother’s Impending Charges in Blogger Sniper’s Murder Case

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is urging the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to openly present comprehensive evidence discovered during a recent search at her home as part of the investigation into the murder of blogger Daniel Muthiani, also known as ‘Sniper.’

During a press conference on Friday, Governor Mwangaza, accompanied by her husband Murega Baichu, stated that if the DCI does not comply with her request, she will mobilize the county residents for a protest until her demands are addressed.

“By tomorrow the DCI should provide detailed evidence on what they found in my residence. Failure to that, we will protest as Meru residents until we receive that report,” she stated.


The Meru County leader proceeded to assert that she is acquainted with the person who communicated with the blogger on at least 15 occasions prior to his unfortunate demise.

Additionally, she made an accusation that the undisclosed individual in question was compensated by Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma M’Ethingia.

“Why haven’t the DCI told us that there was a person who contacted Sniper more than 15 times that same day to the last minute, and that the Deputy Governor sent him money? We demand to know,” said Kawira.

The Governor asserted that the investigations into the case have been politicized, contending that the police admitted to being influenced by senior leaders to fulfill a certain agenda.

Additionally, she called for detailed information from the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem on the deceased.

Governor Mwangaza claimed that the individuals expected to face charges in connection with Sniper’s murder are being pressured to implicate her due to a lack of evidence.

“We have recordings of one of your witnesses disclosing all the evidence…mentioning names so that you can implicate me, and we will go on air to address them. As from today we will not be silenced,” she noted.

The Meru County leader also urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to disclose the identities of all individuals who purportedly sent money to the blogger Sniper via M-Pesa on the day he was said to have been murdered.

“We want to know which government officials sent the witnesses who have appeared in court money through M-Pesa. We know you. We want a clear explanation. We want the report from both sides,” she added.

The Governor reiterated her refusal to succumb to any form of intimidation, emphasizing her determination to remain in her position.

Sniper went missing on December 2, and his body was discovered on December 16, 2023. A post-mortem examination, conducted by government pathologist Johansen Oduor at the Marimanti Level 4 Hospital mortuary, revealed that Sniper died from strangulation.

Dr. Oduor noted marks on the neck and signs indicative of oxygen deprivation. The examination also uncovered fractured ribs and head injuries, suggesting that Sniper was strangled before being disposed of in a river.

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Governor Mwangaza’s Urgent Demands to DCI Amidst Brother’s Impending Charges in Blogger Sniper’s Murder Case



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