Gov’t Official Defends Rachel Ruto after Backlash from Kenyans


Gov’t Official Defends Rachel Ruto after Backlash from Kenyans

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei has now stated that the vow to pray for Kenyan police officers headed to Haiti is critical.

First Lady Rachel Ruto announced plans to form an intercessory team to pray for the officers preparing for the trip.

Her admission drew condemnation from several Kenyans, who claimed the officers needed adequate safety gear and war equipment at the expense of prayers.


“Prayer strategy team? Just buy bulletproof vests, might save a life,” said Raptcha The Sayantist.

“It is militia in Haiti, prayer is for the spiritual world but this is a battlefront where it can only be met with equal but opposite force and that is military force not even police,” argued Alvin Halgo.

In the face of the criticism, Sing’oei defended the First Lady and emphasised the necessity of prayer in resolving issues such as anarchy in Haiti.

“We shouldn’t be too quick to discount the role of faith communities in addressing difficult social challenges,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kenya was forced to postpone the Haiti deployment following the departure of Prime Minister Ariel Henry on March 11, after weeks of pressure and rising violence.

According to Sing’oei, Nairobi could not proceed with the police deployment to Haiti in the absence of a political administration to support the operation.

The Kenyan government would now have to wait for a new constitutional authority to be established before making any further decisions regarding officer deployment.

On March 1, Kenya and Haiti signed an agreement formally deploying 1,000 police personnel to the North American nation.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and his Haitian counterpart signed the agreement at State House Nairobi.

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Gov’t Official Defends Rachel Ruto after Backlash from Kenyans



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