Haiti Gang Leader ‘Welcomes’ Kenya Police, Reveals What He Will Do


Haiti Gang Leader ‘Welcomes’ Kenya Police, Reveals What He Will Do

Jimmy Chérizier, aka “Barbecue,” Haiti’s most violent gang leader, addressed a warning to Kenyan police and military on Friday, ahead of their deployment.

During a press conference, Barbecue announced that he would see Kenyan police as aggressors and promised to resist them.

Barbecue described the Kenyan police as invaders and stated that he was unwilling to comply with them because he feared they were come to meddle with Haiti’s freedom.

“If Kenyan military or police come, whatsoever, I will consider them, aggressors,” the gang leader noted.


“We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence,” Barbecue stated.

However, the gang leader stated that he was willing to halt hostilities if his people were represented in the transition committee that was currently being formed.

According to Barbecue, he had received calls for negotiations for the past three years but refused to end the fight unless his demands were met.

The gang leader promised to step up efforts to repel any foreign nation that tries to intervene in the continuing clashes.

“Every new day that passes we have to come up with a new strategy so that we can advance,” Barbecue stated.

“But there is no calm. In the days that are coming things will get worse than they are right now because as long as they choose not to put everyone on the table for us to talk it is the same system that will regenerate,” the gang leader added.

His comments come a week after another gang leader, Makandal, was killed along with his accomplices following a gunfight with police in Pétion-Ville, a suburb in the Caribbean nation’s southern region.

According to a report released by Haiti Police, the gang leader was allegedly slain when city citizens helped law enforcement in attacking him and his colleagues.

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Haiti Gang Leader ‘Welcomes’ Kenya Police, Reveals What He Will Do



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