‘Hakuna Cha Bure’ – Ruto Government Unveils Plan for Prisoners to Start Paying Taxes


‘Hakuna Cha Bure’ – Ruto Government Unveils Plan for Prisoners to Start Paying Taxes

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming Kenya’s correctional facilities, inmates across the country will soon have the opportunity to work and pay taxes.

This innovative program, reported by Taifa Leo, is a collaborative effort between the government and various stakeholders, including the Chandaria Foundation, to launch development projects within prisons.

These projects are set to include the construction of bakeries and the enhancement of existing workshops, creating numerous income-generating activities within the correctional facilities.


Although the precise budget for this initiative remains undisclosed, Correctional Services Principal Secretary Salome Beacco outlined the government’s comprehensive strategy to equip inmates with essential training and work experience before their reintegration into society.

The reform plan is built on eight foundational pillars designed to provide diverse opportunities for prisoners.

These pillars encompass the revitalization of prison farms to boost agricultural production, the establishment of various industries, educational institutions, the housing construction sector, road infrastructure projects, environmental conservation efforts, the legal department, and electronic revenue collection systems.

“We want prisoners to work, pay taxes, and support their families while serving their sentences to change their behaviour and conduct,” Beacco emphasized.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to foster rehabilitation and reduce recidivism by empowering inmates with skills and responsibilities that mirror those of the outside world.

Currently, the government is in the process of establishing bakeries in prisons located in Kisumu, Mombasa, Meru, Nyeri, and Eldoret.

These bakeries are expected to serve as the pilot phase of a nationwide rollout aimed at transforming correctional facilities into hubs of productivity and skill development.

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‘Hakuna Cha Bure’ – Ruto Government Unveils Plan for Prisoners to Start Paying Taxes



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