Hassan Joho list reasons why he is the best candidate to lead the ODM party


Hassan Joho list reasons why he is the best candidate to lead the ODM party

Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has provided reasons why he is the best ODM candidate if Raila Odinga wins the AU Commission leadership.

The former Governor stated he deserves to succeed Raila.

Joho stated the Azimio boss has taught him numerous leadership skills throughout the years.


“We have inherited courage, democracy, Kenyan values, the rights of Kenyans and fighting for Kenyans with no fear from Raila. The greater conversation on what we have over the period has been able to learn and inherit from Raila,” Joho said.

“Raila is still here and we need him to be here, but if he succeeds in clinching the AU chairmanship position, he is going to be two hours from Mombasa.”

According to Joho, he has been under the guidance of Raila ever since he commenced his political career in 2004.

His track record in ODM dates back decades, he stated in denial of rumours that he only recently became more vocal.

Sincerity and support for Raila and the ODM party, according to the former governor, cost him his livelihood and came perilously close to death.

“I have sacrificed my life over the years, not for six months, on behalf of Raila Odinga. You are doing so because of possible succession conversations, let us respect each other,” he told off critics.

Joho stated that he has been an ardent supporter of the ODM party ever since its inception, a period marked by numerous obstacles.

“I’m in ODM, my party is ODM. I believe that ODM should be the party that forms the next government. If I run for president, I will run in ODM.”

Leaders at the local and international levels have endorsed Raila since he announced his candidature for the AU position.

The succession contest for Raila in the ODM has been the subject of intense debate among party members vying for his position.

 Joho and former Governor Wycliffe Oparanya have the support of Raila should he be elected as the leader of AU.

However, some politicians from his Luo Nyanza constituency advocate for a broader field of interested candidates to compete in his succession contest, rather than restricting it to Joho and Oparanya alone.

They argued that, as the political foundation of the party, the region must receive an equitable share of leadership.

The ODM will elect new officials from the local to the national level the following month.

The party has been engaging in membership recruitment campaigns across the nation.

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Hassan Joho list reasons why he is the best candidate to lead the ODM party



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