High Court Issues Verdict on CS Namwamba Appointing Azziad


High Court Issues Verdict on CS Namwamba Appointing Azziad

High Court Judge Lawrence Mugambi dismissed a lawsuit challenging Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba’s February 2023 appointments.

In its ruling on March 20, the court noted that the petition was challenging appointments that had previously been rescinded.

“The petitioner claimed that the Talanta Council and its Technical Committees had been re-established illegally but in the light of a formal gazette notifying the general public of their revocation, the Petitioner’s claim flies in the face,” the judge ruled.


CS Namwamba has sought to strengthen his young approach by appointing Azziad Nasenya (content producer), Dennis Itumbi (digital strategist), Rosemary Wahu Kagwi (singer), and media celebrities Jimmi Gathu and Carol Radul to the Talanta Hela Council.

Justice Mugambi further stated that since the appointments were withdrawn in June 2023, it was no longer worthwhile to pursue the petition.

Meanwhile, the petitioner claimed that the Talanta Hela Council and its succeeding committees–the Sports Technical Committee and the Creatives Technical Committee–were unnecessary.

He contended that their mandates overlapped with those of Sports Kenya, the Kenya Sports Academy, and the Kenya Copyright Board.

He requested that the court declare the appointments unlawful, irregular, and null and void since they did not follow the requirements and procedures outlined in the Constitution.

The petitioner also asked the court to overturn the Gazette Notice issued in February announcing the appointments and formation of the two committees.

Furthermore, if the petition was successful, Namwamba was to be compelled to dissolve the committees and rescind the nominations.

“He (the petitioner) stressed that it is clear that the 1st respondent (CS Namwamba) actions were geared toward defeating justice while evading accountability,” read part of the court documents.

In his defence, CS Namwamba maintained that the problem had been settled by the revocation, and that the petitioner lacked proof to prove that the Talanta Hela Council had been illegally reestablished.

The CS and the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs thus asked the court to dismiss the petition.

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High Court Issues Verdict on CS Namwamba Appointing Azziad



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