How Boni Khalwale Wants To Get KSh 1.5b from Kakamega Businessman Toto


How Boni Khalwale Wants To Get KSh 1.5b from Kakamega Businessman Toto

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has finally followed through on his threat, suing businessman Chleophas Shimanyula, alias Toto, for allegedly defaming him and his polygamous family.

Toto’s sensational claims that Khalwale played a role in the death of his fighter bull trainer, Tamala Kizito Moi Amukune, outraged the senator, prompting him to seek legal action.

Two postmortem examinations revealed that Amukune died as a result of injuries caused by an animal’s horn.


Khalwale claimed that his fighter bull, Inasio, had killed Amukune, which Toto dismissed.

Khalwale is now seeking KSh 1.5 billion from the controversial businessman, who has refused to apologise as requested by the senator’s lawyers.

The senator, through his defence team led by Danstan Omari, Shadrack Wambui, and Omaiyo Oranga, claimed in his application that Toto has made numerous defamatory statements about his family.

The senator claims that the businessman accused his wives of infidelity, referring to the fact that their children were sired by someone other than him.

“The plaintiff’s family has been under immense attack, and his wife and children continue to face disparaging comments questioning their fidelity and paternity, respectively,” the court papers read.

Khalwale claims that Toto’s statements embarrassed him and painted him as a “murderer who is irate and hot-tempered in the eyes of the people of Kakamega.”

“The defendant maliciously accused the plaintiff of murder in an attempt to depict him as an irate and hot-tempered individual, embarrassing the plaintiff’s family and undermining his position as the Senator for the great people of Kakamega,” the application reads.

Khalwale, who is also a medical doctor, claims that Toto has been orchestrating attacks and making malicious accusations against him in recent weeks.

Speaking after filing the defamation suit in Nairobi’s High Court, Omari stated that he wants to teach Toto a lesson by seeking one of the highest payouts for damages.

Because of the financial implications, the case was filed in the High Court.

“I have been instructed on behalf of the four wives and 17 children who have been labelled negatively as bastards I will be filing a demand where they will all be seeking a global figure of KSh 1.5 billion. I will be going for KSh 200 million for each family member. We want to teach Toto a lesson not to chest thump because he thought we were joking,” Omari expounded.

Toto has also claimed that Khalwale cheated Amukune because he was having an illicit affair with one of the politician’s three wives.

The Kakamega businessman reiterated that Khalwale’s legal actions would not intimidate him, and that money was not an issue.

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How Boni Khalwale Wants To Get KSh 1.5b from Kakamega Businessman Toto



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