Hustlers Hit Hard! Shock For ‘Hustlers’ As Milk, Wheelbarrows, Diapers To Cost More In New Proposal


Hustlers Hit Hard! Shock For ‘Hustlers’ As Milk, Wheelbarrows, Diapers To Cost More In New Proposal

In a surprising turn of events, a proposed eco levy could see prices surge for everyday essentials in Kenya, impacting not only consumers but also President William Ruto’s famed ‘hustler’ base.

Under the Finance Bill 2024, manufacturers and importers will face charges for goods that negatively affect the environment, leading to potential spikes in the prices of milk, wheelbarrows, diapers, and more.

The proposed levy, known as the Eco Levy, aims to hold businesses accountable for their environmental footprint. While the intentions are noble, the repercussions are significant, particularly for items like plastic packaging materials, rubber tyres, batteries, and diapers, which are slated to see substantial price hikes.


Data from the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) paints a grim picture of the potential cost increases across various sectors. Plastic packaging, in particular, will be heavily impacted, affecting everyday products such as milk, bread, and cooking oil. The association forecasts a staggering 55% cost increase in the plastic packaging sector alone.

Among the most striking increases are those affecting wheelbarrows, a symbol deeply entrenched in President Ruto’s political narrative. Despite his vocal support for Kenya’s hustlers, the proposed levy could see the price of a wheelbarrow tire surge from Ksh.700 to Ksh.1,700, presenting a paradox to his campaign promises.

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Even items as essential as diapers won’t be spared, with local manufacturers expected to face a 30% levy increase, translating to higher costs for consumers. A single diaper could see a price hike from Ksh.20 to Ksh.25.53, while a jumbo pack of 40 pieces may surge from Ksh.750 to Ksh.971.

While the Eco Levy aims to encourage environmentally conscious practices, its impact on consumers, particularly those already struggling, cannot be overlooked. As the Finance Bill 2024 awaits approval, Kenyans brace themselves for the potential shockwaves set to ripple through their daily lives.

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Hustlers Hit Hard! Shock For ‘Hustlers’ As Milk, Wheelbarrows, Diapers To Cost More In New Proposal



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