‘I either run for president in 2027 or go home’ – Kalonzo


‘I either run for president in 2027 or go home’ – Kalonzo

Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper Party, has declared his intention to contest the presidential election in 2027, emphasizing that he will pursue the candidacy regardless of whether he receives support from his ally Raila Odinga. 

In an interview with a local media outlet, Kalonzo asserted that his readiness for the highest office dates back to 2002, when the opposition expressed support for the late retired President Mwai Kibaki.

“I was ready to be President in 2002 when we said Kibaki tosha. I was ready in 2013 to move from Vice President to President. At the right time, we are going to make an announcement in the new year. We have to have an alternative because Kenyans are crying for an alternative,” Kalonzo said.


“William Ruto may end up giving me a vote in 2027. If the country is ready for it, I am ready for it. We may not have stolen billions, but Kenyans will give the money to make it happen.”

Even though he has announced his candidacy, Kalonzo Musyoka stated that the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition will undergo thorough consultations before officially declaring their formation in 2027.

“We will engage in full consultation. Kalonzo cannot win alone. There are people who depend on my candidature to win their constituency, senatorial and MCA seats. But I proved to the people (in 2022) that you do not need to be on the ballot to get people winning. I want to tell the people who cling on Raila, that he must be on the ballot, that they can win without him being on the ballot,” he added.

Kalonzo-Raila partnership

Kalonzo Musyoka assured that he has no intention of parting ways with Raila Odinga in 2027, despite the fact that both of them have expressed their plans to run for the presidency.

“I know Raila Odinga, he knows me. We will go the same way. We will go the same route with Raila Odinga unless some devil intervenes, you never know. This relationship is really tested,” he added.

Nevertheless, he emphasized that relinquishing his aspirations for the presidency in 2027 would imply stepping away from the political arena.

“Giving up my ambitions will actually mean I go home. We are at the tail-end of a process which should deliver this country,” he added.

The leader of the Wiper Party insists that abandoning his aspirations is not a viable choice.

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‘I either run for president in 2027 or go home’ – Kalonzo



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