Ichung’wah Goes After CS Kuria Over Skipping Plenary Session


Ichung’wah Goes After CS Kuria Over Skipping Plenary Session

Kimani Ichung’wah, the Majority Leader of the National Assembly, criticised Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, for his absence at a plenary session in the National Assembly on Wednesday, March 13.

CS Kuria, in a letter from State Department for Public Service Principal Secretary Amos Gatecha, informed the Cleark of the National Assembly Samuel Njoroge that he would be unable to attend the plenary session due to an unexpected Cabinet meeting.

CS Kuria expressed remorse to the assembly and requested that the session be rescheduled for a different day.


“The Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service Performance and Delivery Management was invited to respond to various questions in the plenary of the National Assembly on Wednesday, March 13 at 2:30 PM.

“However, due to a planned Cabinet meeting on the same date, the Cabinet Secretary will not be able to attend. Ordinarily, cabinet meetings are held on Thursdays. For those reasons, the purpose of this letter is to request for the rescheduling of the said appearance but also to give apologies to the House,” the letter stated.

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Ichung’wah was displeased with the letter, stating that a cabinet meeting was not a sufficient justification for CS Kuria to miss the plenary session.

The Kikuyu MP observed that President William Ruto is an individual who wakes up early and typically conducts his cabinet meetings in the morning.

“I am aware there was a cabinet meeting but it is also common knowledge that the President is an early riser and Cabinet Meetings are usually held in the morning session that is Cabinet Secretaries are required in the house in the afternoon. The president himself is on the record that he will not hold any Cabinet Secretary from appearing in parliament on account of a cabinet meeting,” Ichung’wah stated.

Simultaneously, the National Assembly Majority Leader cautioned CS Kuria from utilising a Permanent Secretary to correspond with the National Assembly.

“We cannot have principal secretaries being the ones writing to us. If it is the Cabinet Secretary who has been invited, it must be the CS writing to the house saying he is unavailable for this or that reason. And that has been the trend in all other Cabinet Secretaries. Why Moses Kuria decided to get PS Amos Gatecha to be the one to sent this letter I don’t know,” Ichung’wah added.

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He sent a stern caution to all Cabinet Secretaries, emphasising that their presence at the National Assembly is mandatory and cannot be avoided.

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Ichung’wah Goes After CS Kuria Over Skipping Plenary Session



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