Ichung’wah Makes Serious Claims about Gachagua as Battle for Mt Kenya Escalates


Ichung’wah Makes Serious Claims about Gachagua as Battle for Mt Kenya Escalates

The simmering tensions within the Kenya Kwanza Alliance have erupted into a full-blown political rift, as prominent leaders voice opposition to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s controversial push for unity in the Mt. Kenya region.

On Sunday, June 9, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah launched a scathing attack on Gachagua, accusing him of using underhanded tactics to silence his critics.

In a fiery speech, Ichung’wah claimed that the deputy president has been employing bloggers and vernacular radio stations to bully and intimidate those who oppose his unity agenda.


“You can mobilise your stooges, bloggers, and all vernacular stations and deploy all your arsenal, but we shall not be cowed or intimidated,” declared Ichung’wah.

“We are not threatened, we have been emancipated, and we only stand by the truth. I will tell you the truth as it is in broad daylight. We should stop inciting residents for selfish interests.”

Ichung’wah’s accusations mark a significant escalation in the internal conflict, highlighting deep divisions within the alliance.

The Kikuyu MP insisted that Gachagua’s unity efforts are misdirected, failing to address critical regional issues such as the fluctuating prices of coffee and milk, which directly affect the livelihoods of Mt. Kenya residents.

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The discord within Kenya Kwanza Alliance was further fueled by Gachagua’s recent challenge to his critics.

The deputy president, in a bold move, urged those opposing his unity efforts to confront him directly within Mt. Kenya, rather than voicing their dissent from afar.

Gachagua defended his unity push, stating that it is designed to ensure Mt. Kenya secures a fair share of national resources and maintains its influence in national politics.

He denied targeting any specific group or region, asserting that his approach aligns with grassroots sentiments and is crucial for the region’s political and economic stability.

“I have always listened to and acted upon the people’s demands, which is why I have garnered their support,” Gachagua said. He emphasized that detractors should face local scrutiny if they genuinely represent the region’s interests.

As the political landscape in Mt. Kenya remains volatile, the rift within the Kenya Kwanza Alliance poses significant challenges to the coalition’s unity and strategic goals.

The unfolding drama underscores the complex dynamics at play, as leaders grapple with internal power struggles and the broader quest for regional cohesion and national influence.

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Ichung’wah Makes Serious Claims about Gachagua as Battle for Mt Kenya Escalates



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