Ida Odinga reveals she almost fainted when she first met Jaramogi


Ida Odinga reveals she almost fainted when she first met Jaramogi

My present self has been shaped by my father-in-law, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who served as my greatest mentor, expressed Ida Odinga.

Reflecting on the past 30 years since his passing, she revealed that Jaramogi was not just a father-in-law but a genuine father figure to her, and the pain of his loss still lingers.

Speaking at Ofafa Hall in Kisumu during the 30th Anniversary of Jaramogi, Ida shared that she first encountered him half a century ago, feeling intimidated by his stature as a remarkable individual.


Recalling a moment from 50 years ago, she narrated an unexpected visit to their home in Kisumu, orchestrated by her then-boyfriend, Raila Odinga, who eventually became the leader of the ODM party.

“I was shocked when he told me we were in their home and was to meet his father. I was not prepared mentally and even in terms of my dress. I almost fainted but I didn’t,” she said.

According to Ida, their initial encounter was positive, and she shared a fond memory of that time. She mentioned that during their first meeting, her late father-in-law generously gave her Sh200, a significant amount of money at that time.

She used the money to purchase sodas for their journey back, highlighting the kindness and generosity of her father-in-law even in small gestures.

“From there, he made quick arrangements for me to get married and until today, I remain the daughter-in-law.”

Ida portrayed Jaramogi as a compassionate individual who treated all his daughters-in-law with kindness, engaging them in pleasant conversations and presenting them with gifts every Christmas.

She emphasized that Jaramogi was a constant support, standing by them not only during better times but also during challenging moments.

His unwavering presence and support were evident, showcasing his enduring commitment to his family.

“I remember in early 80s when Raila was arrested and charged with treason and sent to Kamiti, I went to Jaramogi and told him but he laughed and told me not to worry such things such as death would not happen,” she said.

Ida further shared that during a difficult period in 1998 when she faced the loss of her teaching job, Jaramogi reassured her not to be overly concerned.

He comforted her by expressing that there were numerous ways to navigate life and sustain oneself even without traditional employment. His words of wisdom and encouragement provided solace during that challenging time.

“He trained me how to manage businesses among others which still help me to date,” she said.

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Ida Odinga reveals she almost fainted when she first met Jaramogi



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