Intrigues as New Evidence Emerges in Killing of Ruto’s Campaign Aides


Intrigues as New Evidence Emerges in Killing of Ruto’s Campaign Aides

The specifics of a text message that one of the suspects forwarded to a colleague from the defunct Special Service Unit (SSU) subsequent to the murder, which was associated with the campaign of President William Ruto, were disclosed by a detective investigating the murder of two Indians.

As stated in the witness’s testimony before the Kahawa Law Courts on March 26, one of the suspects asked a colleague if a second visit to the crime site was necessary to clear it.

Additional examination of the suspect’s phones, as stated by the witness, exposed that he had received a text message from the responding officer alerting him that an additional officer had already vacated the area.


The location under discussion is Aberdares National Park, the alleged disposal of the remains of the Indians who were murdered in July 2022.

“The witness said that between July 20 and August 11, 2023, the investigating team analysed and went through the phone extraction report and established from one of the exhibits- a mobile phone belonging to (Officer A) – a communication in one of the chats between him and (Officer B) on October 16, 2022, at 3:57 pm.

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“Officer B enquired from Officer A about re-visiting the scene to clear it and there was a reply by Officer A that ‘Officer C alienda’ referring to one of the accused persons,” read the statement by the prosecutor.

Additionally, detectives involved in the investigation disclosed to the court that the vehicles under suspicion for the murder were located at the national park mere minutes following the official closure, as determined by tracking.

At 6:34 pm, forensic evidence located the suspects’ vehicle at one of the national park’s entrances.

Further investigation revealed that the vehicle’s specifications were not documented at the entrance, raising the possibility that the assailants were cooperating with park personnel.

Earlier, a DCI detective investigating the homicides, who was a second witness, told the court of their visit to the park and the forensic analysis of numerous materials gathered there.

“He added that on October 19, 2022, as a team of investigators, they proceeded to Aberdare National Park in Nyeri where they conducted a search and collected exhibits which were forwarded to the government chemist at Kenyatta National Hospital.

“He notes that their visit to Aberdare was informed by the vehicle tracking logs retrieved from the vehicle suspected to have been used in the crime as per the data retrieved from the National treasury, the custodian of government leased vehicles,” read the statement by the ODPP.

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The two Indians, Mohammed Zaid Sami and Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan, along with their taxi driver Nicodemus Mwania Mwange, were purportedly abducted by SSU officers weeks prior to the 2022 elections.

The two expatriates were reportedly among those providing campaign support to the President’s team, according to available reports.

The inquiry into the whereabouts of the two individuals commenced shortly after Ruto issued an order dissolving the special police unit affiliated with the DCI.

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Intrigues as New Evidence Emerges in Killing of Ruto’s Campaign Aides



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