Jalang’o seeks to table bill to rein in Airbnb as another woman is butchered in Roysambu


Jalang’o seeks to table bill to rein in Airbnb as another woman is butchered in Roysambu

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, is calling for a thorough screening of individuals who own short-term rental residential properties in the wake of a disturbing string of murders. 

Jalang’o emphasized the need for registration of all Airbnb operators, citing the tragic case of Starlet Wahu during discussions with vloggers.

“Personally I have Airbnb, I have so many that is one of my biggest businesses. So the one thing we can do is to make sure all Airbnbs are registered. 


“There are people who are running Airbnbs that are not registered and are not even under Airbnb, ni mtu tu amepata nyumba ako na marafiki zake and we don’t know who these people are,” Jalang’o said.

Additionally, the Lang’ata Member of Parliament expressed his intention to present a motion in Parliament aimed at overseeing and regulating Airbnb operations across the country.

“We are taking that to Parliament. I personally will take it to Parliament, every single Airbnb must be registered, must know the owner. You can’t get into Airbnb when we don’t know who you are, that’s it,” he said.

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Roysambu Airbnb

Jalang’o’s concerns were prompted by the discovery of the dismembered body of an unidentified woman, a day after she had checked into an Airbnb in Roysambu with a man suspected of committing the gruesome murder.

According to Airbnb manager Risper Muthoni, the unknown suspect had booked the room on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 3 pm. 

The suspect returned the key to the Airbnb early on Sunday morning before disappearing. Muthoni explained that, in accordance with their policy, guests are entitled to an uninterrupted stay until the scheduled check-out time.

The woman’s murder remained undiscovered until Sunday morning when the caretaker reported finding suspicious polythene bags and a blood-soaked bed sheet on the staircase. 

Nairobi County police boss Adamson Bungei, confirming the incident on Sunday, January 14, expressed confidence that the perpetrator would be apprehended soon.

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Jalang’o seeks to table bill to rein in Airbnb as another woman is butchered in Roysambu



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